The coolest! We have all these great commuter water bottles, travel mugs, smoothie straws and cups – and they can be a pain in the patoot to keep clean. They tend to end up at home after they’ve sat in a car, lunch box or locker for a few days.. weeks.. sometimes months.

The remains of the contents sit on the inside, crusty, dry, caked on and worse. The dishwasher can’t always get inside the nooks and crannies, or simply can’t clean off all of the caked on contents, so they usually need to be carefully cleaned by hand. And no hand is long enough, skinny enough or flexible enough to get these things properly clean. That’s where these cool brushes come into play! Skinny straws, lids, narrow necks, long tall bottles, thermoses all can be taken care of with ease with the brushes in this set.

They hang neatly on a ring, too, so they can be kept hanging near the sink and are always ready to go. The brushes are all sturdy and easy to keep clean, too. Great set of brushes that work exactly as described and make one of my least favorite cleaning tasks a breeze, highly recommended!

Review By Chris G on September 14, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API