Coldest One Gallon Water Bottle with Mega Lid:

Lid or cap is the top mouth of a water bottle. The Coldest Water uses 100% insulated, perfectly compatible and anti-slip straw in all of its water bottles including one gallon. If you experience cap of your water bottle less efficient or an issue in the performance, then you should buy a new One Gallon Water Bottle with Lid online. Actually, this 1 Gallon Mega Lid has a core importance in durability, performance and excessive sale in the global markets. Size of the cap is perfect that fits the water bottle mouth and keeps it airtight.

External and internal areas of the cap are made up of insulating material that does not let heat or coldness enter into the bottle. Usually, a bottle cap consists of some accessories including carabiner, washing brush, and 2 straws. 1 Gallon Mega Lid also comes with a lifetime warranty that satisfies the new and old customers equally. Further, the cap of this big-sized water bottle plays a key part in keeping your liquids cold as well as warm for a longer course of time. Many regular users claim that coldest one gallon water bottle is capable to keep water cold for more than 36+ hours.

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Key Features & Specs of Cap:

One gallon cap comes with dozens of unique specs and core functions. Some of these key qualities and specs are explained below.

Super Insulated One Gallon Water Bottle with Lid:

In fact, One Gallon Water Bottle with Lid is completely insulated to prevent unhealthy factors, resist the heat and cold. Usually, the structure of the lid is different than its frame and the rest of the parts. However, the insulated cap will let you enjoy your favorite cold or hot drinks as long as you want.

Lifetime Warranty:

Warranty is the name of satisfaction of the customers. Today, “The Coldest Water” offers a lifetime warranty on all of its water bottles and accessories. However, the warranty is provided only for manufacturing defects. So, if you get your bottle damaged in some accidents or other reasons, then you can never claim for a replacement.

Flexible Rubber Mouth:

Flexible rubber mouth keeps the lid movable and comfortable for the users. Rubber mouth makes every sip comfortable and easy for the users. Secondly, it is also fine for thick liquids, beverages, and energy fluids.

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Comfortable to Use:

The insulated and high-quality cap of One Gallon Water Bottle with Lid is very easy and comfortable to use. Athletes and sportsmen mostly prefer the cap with additional straw that helps them in drinking on go.


The Coldest Water makes the caps very special with approved and advanced quality material. Each lid is 100% anti-bacterial, while it prevents dust as well as other micro-contamination to enter into the rubber mouth and straw.


One gallon lid 2.0 is compatible with multiple water bottles. Each lid has specific features and complete compatibility that improves the performance of a bottle.

Anti-Slip Straw:

When you are using the latest cap of one gallon water bottle, you will find straw anti-slip. It will help you in drinking water or juices quite easily.

Economical for Buyers:

The insulated cap of one gallon is economical for the customers. Price of One Gallon Water Bottle with Lid is reasonable.

Every One Gallon Water Bottle comes pre-loaded with our NEW Insulated 2.0 Lid