How to Clean Your Stainless Steel Water Bottle

First of all you may be asking yourself, what exactly is the purpose of a stainless steel water bottle, and where can I get one? I’m here to tell you why you should get one, and how to clean it out properly. First things first, I truly recommend ordering your stainless steel water bottle from, as their products are durable and sold at a very fair price.

The number one reason to buy one of these bottles is that it can last you a lifetime, as stainless steel does not rot or break like plastic tends to do after they have been used for some time. Another great reason to buy one is stated in the company’s name; it will guarantee you the coldest water. These bottles keeps your drink, whatever it might be, cold for up to 36 hours. It will even slow down the melting of ice cubes you add to your drink. Your water will not get that plastic taste it tends to get when brought in a plastic bottle, and the stainless steel bottle doesn’t leak at all. On top of this, it will also help keeping your drink warm for 13 hours so you can enjoy it as slowly as you please throughout the day. This stainless steel water bottles also have a non-sweat function so the bottle will not end up making a puddle on your desk, in your backpack or anywhere else you might put it. It is made out of a very lightweight material, while also being extremely durable. You can knock it down from quite some height without damaging the bottle at all. There is also an alternative cap to the one you get it with, so if you’d like you can get yourself a straw bottle cap that is also guaranteed not to leak.

How to clean stainless steel water bottles

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Now while all of this sounds perfect, and you’re pretty much ready to go to to order your stainless steel water bottle, there might still be one question on your mind. Isn’t it tedious to clean these bottles? No, it’s most certainly not. This is a guide to how you clean a stainless steel water bottle, and some fun tips and tricks.

There are several different ways to wash a stainless steel water bottle, but no matter which way you choose to do it, I would definitely recommend that you buy a bottle brush. Bottle brushes help you reach all the nooks and crannies, and really get to the bottom of the bottle. Now the most obvious way to do this is obviously using dish soap and hot water, and your bottle brush so you can really get in there. I recommend to do now and then even if you do use the bottle only for water, just for cleanliness’ sake. If you use the bottle for other things that tend to stick more like sugary drinks, dairy products or coffee I recommend cleaning it out as soon as you can when the drink is consumed. Rinsing out of the bottle while you’re on the run makes cleaning it properly once you’re home a lot quicker!
But what if you forget about the bottle after containing a sugary drink and it starts to get funky? Well, the first step would still be rinsing out of the bottle, but often we don’t feel satisfied with the bottle only smelling kind of clean, am I right? Don’t despair, because there are some really easy solutions to this problem that use articles you probably have in your home anyways. Remember that even though you only use the bottle for water it’s still important that you wash it now and then, because when we drink water we bring some bacteria from our mouth back into the bottle, which can over time create a sort of funky feel.

I definitely recommend washing out of the bottle with soap first, to get out as much as you can before you take action in other ways. The over-night water soak is probably known to those of us who have had to wash tough things out of glasses and mugs before, but what very few know is that there are ways to make this way more effective. Vinegar added with some water into the water bottle, and letting it stay over night will help clean away that funky smell in no time. Baking soda is another great way to do this, simply add in some baking soda with water and let the bottle soak. If you suspect that the washing will be really tough then mixing both baking soda and vinegar into the water will maximize the effect.


Another great trick if there’s some gunk that is really stuck in there is putting some sand in the water and shaking. The sand will help get the gunk to loosen up, and then you just clean the bottle out with a brush. Another great solution is to use ice cubes mixed with lemon and salt to clean up the inside of the bottle. The ice breaks down the salt, which will kill all bacterias that may be lurking inside of the bottle. After this some people like to either use boiling hot water to rinse out the bottle, or put it in the dishwasher. While all dishwashers vary in intensity, it is not recommended to put the bottle in the diswasher because it could damage the bottle’s ability to keep the temperatures as well as it normally would, so using a brush is definitely the easiest and safest way.

Some other things that are worth mentioning that you under no circumstance should do is use strong chemicals to clean out the bottle. Some people think that chlorine, bleach, hydrogen peroxide etcetera is the best way to ensure that something gets cleaned out well and proper, but this is not the case. These chemicals are not good for you, and even if you do rinse out the bottle really well after using such chemicals there might still be traces of them. The chemicals will also damage the stainless steel if it’s exposed to it a lot, and can break the insulation of the bottle. Remember to never mix chemicals either, especially not bleach and vinegar. Dish washer detergent is not recommended either. While it’s healthier for you to clean without the use of chemicals, it’s also a lot cheaper to use products like salt, ice cubes, baking soda and vinegar. Especially if you’re a neat person who likes to wash your bottle regularly to make sure that it’s always nice and clean.

So how often should you clean your bottle? Well, the answer differs from how much you use it and what you use it for. If the bottle is used every day and only containing water then a quick weekly wash should do the trick. If the bottle is used a couple of times a week or fewer, and you keep the lid off it in between uses it should be fine to wash it once a month. However, if you use the bottle for sugary drinks or tea and coffee then make sure to rinse it properly every day, and consider washing it twice a week or if you know you’re not going to use it for a while. Finding a bottle with long forgotten leftovers of a drink simmering at the bottom is never fun.


I’ve talked a lot about letting the bottle soak up until this point, but here is a friendly reminder to never forget washing the lid! A great tip is to make one of the solutions mentioned above, and let the bottle cap soak in it in a bowl. The cap is where you drink, so it’s important to keep this part clean as well as where the actual liquid is stored. Especially make sure to wash the lid if you’ve recently been down with the flu so you can make sure that all those bacterias don’t re-enter your system. To properly wash the bottle cap it is recommended to use a small brush, and perhaps also cotton swabs to make sure that you get everything there is to get.

Now you might wonder if I recommend any brush to wash this amazing invention, and the answer is yes! The coldest water also offers a brand new type of bottle brush that is designed to help easily clean out the water bottles you buy from them. The brush is made for stainless steel and will not give the material any marks, and it’s a three-in-one brush with one brush for the bottle, one of the lid and even one from the straw! Personally I was really excited when I read that there was a brush for the straw, because I have previously owned bottles with straw lids, and I’ve found it very hard to maintain a truly nice and clean straw without feeling the need to throw it away and get a replacement rather quickly. The brush is odor resistant, and it helps preventing mold and bacteria in your water bottle, as well as making the process of cleaning really fast and easy. It’s important that the bottle is dried properly, and that the lid is kept off while the bottle dries, unless the environment in the bottle can get humid and funky and then all that washing would be for nothing. Everyone would rather have a fresh bottle to fill.

Additionally, this stainless steel water bottle is a lot easier to keep clean than plastic bottles which you tend to not get entirely clean no matter the effort you make to do so, it also comes with a variety of health benefits. One of this is that the stainless steel does not contain any BPA. BPA is an organic synthetic compound that has some hormone changing properties that cause worry. Studies have shown that BPA exposure and asthma is related, there has been found a connection between BPA and infertility, cancer, as well as the fact that it also poses as a threat to the environment. And as we all know we consume a lot of plastic bottles every single year, while this bottle is both toxin free and lasts hundreds of times longer than a plastic bottle does. Plastic also tends to crack slightly when it has been used for a while, and if you repeatedly wash a plastic bottle it will eventually start getting weak spots where bacterias will start to gather up and be harder to remove.

So now you know all the great advantages of having a stainless steel water bottle, and how easy it is to clean properly. The bottle is recommended for all ages, and fits perfectly into bottle and cup holders in cars and on bikes, and even better is the news that it floats so you will never lose it in a pool or in the ocean. It has a great grip, the size is perfect and it will keep you encouraged to stay hydrated since it keeps the water cool and delicious. This bottle was originally made for outdoor sports like bicycling, jogging and hiking but it also serves as a great bottle to just bring on the go anywhere. It’s definitely a great advantage on car trips, as keeping hydrated in a hot car is very important. Children can also take great use of these bottles, as they tend to be a little more sensitive to their drinks getting warm and not wanting them any more, but with a stainless steel water bottle this will not be a problem anymore.

The bottle from has a happiness guarantee, and can be ordered from anywhere in the world. With all these great advantages, what are you waiting for? To recap all of this information, simply: rinse the bottle out every day, wash it thoroughly once a week, never use harmful chemicals, do yourself a favor and get a good bottle brush, and finally, let the bottle airdry. Stainless steel bottles will give you the feeling of constant fresh water, and it is a great gift for yourself or for your family and friends who are getting tired of funky plastic bottles.