Very simple idea and concept that is well executed. These bottle brushes are very handy with the long handles, varied length and different bristles. I find the need to clean our water bottles on a regular basis and struggle with some standard kitchen brushes that were designed for other purposes. These brushes do a good job at doing what they need to do and I like the fact they are attached together so they dont get lost.

I love the straw brush and think its does a much better job at cleaning out our non disposable straws (better than just running water through them). When I’m done, the whole kit hangs nicely on a hook next to our sink. The true test will come in time as we see how they hold up to daily usage and abuse. For now, I would definitely buy these again.
I always carefully research any product that I order, so i don’t waste my money and time on useless product. I rely on the reviews of other people to make final decisions. So when I do a review, I make sure that I have tested the product, and then give an honest opinion on it.

Review By Walter H Kaplan on August 27, 2016

September 21, 2016 — Shopify API