Better Sleep At Nights – 9 Tips

Better sleep is a vital part of our daily routine. We spend about one-third of our time doing it. Quality sleep is as crucial to survival as food and water.

Better sleep is imperative to a number of brain functions. In fact, our body and brain remain active remarkably during our sleep. Latest findings advocate that sleep plays a housekeeping role, which removes toxins in our brain that upsurge while we are awake.

Therefore, the bedroom is also the most important part at home.

Here are 9 errors you should avoid in your bedroom to find peace!

Summer and vacation, that’s when everything is going to fix! How do your plans look?

I’ll lie and lazy in the hammock, resting on everything that comes with boards, tools, and hard work.

I’ll fix lots. It’s great to get hold of everything that needs to be done. The list is long.

I’m planning but letting a real professional realize my dreams.

The bedroom should be a place where you will find peace. You sleep, love dreams and recover you there. A kind of retreat, you can feel safe. Then the bedroom wonders for you, which is also the meaning. Nevertheless, it does not always work. Which is among other things, is due to the wrong interior design. Here are the tips on how to make your bedroom perfect, and how not to do:

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1-Strong, Bold Patterned Bedding:

It’s easy to buy the cool bedding of the reputed company because they are so special or personal, but it will not help make your bedroom a quiet haven. Say no to strong colors and patterns and go on white and neutral color for better sleep. Keep a neutral base, so you can always vary with pillows covers and plaids, both cheaper and easier.

2- Favorite Bedding:

Instead of spending a little fortune on a bulky bedside, get a simpler stuffed version. It’s more fun and you can be creative by choosing a fabric for the one you attach, or just hanging a blanket. To get even cheaper, you can skip the bedspread completely and instead use a folding screen, vintage door, old pallets, and boards or make your own abstract big painting. It will certainly help in getting better sleep.

3- Empty Walls

In order for the bedroom to reflect yourself and to get better sleep, it must be personal. And there’s no better expression for it than art, whether it’s something you bought at a well-known art gallery, by a favorite artist or made yourself. Also, allowing guests to enter your bedroom is a perfect conversation topic. Do not worry about buying “wrong” things without going to what you like. If you do not have money, you can, if you do not want to paint yourself, frame a cocktail dish that you have saved from the first date with your partner or your first children’s shoes/kits. It is also art.

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4- Keep away the Phone from Bedroom:

Keep all electronics away from the bedroom if you can. Especially, keep away the phone and the television from the bedroom. The blue light from the mobile screen evocative of daylight and touches it for the body and obstructs/worsen sleep. There is also a risk that the bacteria from the phone may come to your face. And it’s not a good idea to have the phone at the bed, and it’s a mood and emotion. It is not good to have your hands on the phone after midnight anyway.

5- Disorderly and Messy:

When your surroundings are disorderly, you can feel messy inside as well. And that’s unnecessary and undesirable, right? Have you not enough storage for all your things, everything should have its own place, and then stay there too. You want to get your peace of mind and better sleep in the bedroom; you also don’t want to panic yourself for your messy bedroom when you get last minute guests.

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6- Wrong Lighting:

If you have the only light in your bedroom is from the roof it’s wrong. The lighting in a bedroom should be sensual and subdued for better sleep. Install a dimmer for the ceiling lamp to start with. It’s super easy and you do not need an electrician to do that. Also, have cozy lighting in several places in the bedroom. The right lighting creates a cozy atmosphere, and mirrors the interior!

7- Nasty Windows / Regular Blinds

Protecting the window in the form of a blindfold or blinds is an important key because they offer privacy and protection, turn off the light and also serve as a further interior detail. However, the classic little blinds that many choices are not the best choice. They are ugly, real dust collector and will bend/get oblique when you pull them up and down enough times. Instead, use an elevator curtain. You can make it two, one in linen and the other in some dark fabric that lets you sleep when you need.

8- Poor Mattress:

Do you have a bad mattress (kind of foam only) that you shop in any department store at a cheap cost, change immediately? This type of mattress for sleep is no good for your sleep and health. You definitely do not have to put a fortune on the quality mattress, as many think. Today you can get very good quality mattresses at a reasonable price. Check the Coldest Mattress online. These mattresses are available on Amazon and several other online stores like Coldest Water Bottles and Coldest Ice Packs. You have the need to change and get the quality mattress and Coldest Pillows that suit to your body and provide the cool and better sleep.

9- Filthy / Dirty Bed:

Dust mites are everywhere, especially in your bedroom and especially in bed. If you are allergic, it is really difficult, but even if you are not, they can cause problems after a time like diseases. Most vacuum cleaners can’t vacuum all millions of mites in bed if you do not buy a specially designed vacuum cleaner. What to do is to change bed linen every week. A few times in a year you should also wash pillows and blankets as well as take out the mattress into the sun for better sleep and healthier life.