Beat the Heat with Coldest Bottles

My first summer in the south was terribly filled with sickness and headache. Acclimation procedure was really brutal. Today, I am habitual to the hot and humid environment of Northern Florida and I know to stay hydrated here. It is just because of Coldest Bottle which helped me to beat the heat. It has become my favorite water bottle now and it always remains with me.

No doubt, Coldest Bottle could not be the cheapest one present in the markets but it has excellent features no one offers. Those who want to keep fresh and cold water on a daily basis will love to use the coldest water bottle. Here are the reasons why:

It Offers Cold Water All The Day:

Like, by the end of a hot day, sometimes I see ice cubes in the water of my bottle. Everyone knows the enjoyment of taking a swig of fresh, odor-free cold water after a heavy workout or a sweaty exercise and beat the heat. Try the coldest water bottle for hiking, climbing, and runner in the hot season and you will enjoy what I really did.

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Leak Proof Water Storage:

It is a simple point. It is important to keep the water bottle in hands or placed upright if in the travel bag. What happens if it projects downwards? In most of the bottles, water starts to leak from the lid. Coldest Bottle has a strong airtight wide open mouth lid which prevents leakage. On the other hand, it has a double insulated stainless steel wall which assists the bottle to ensure no leakage. In most of the cases, I keep the coldest water bottle in hands but sometimes I place it in the travel bag or even in my handbag while knowing it will never leak. It ensures that it will never leak all over digital gadgets, laptops, and fluffy towel.

Easy One Hand Drinking:

The Coldest Bottle doesn’t need screwing the cap again and again. It has a straw in the lid which provides easy sips whenever you need. It is an ideal bottle which offers easy drinking option to cyclists, runners, swimmers, hikers, and travelers. With my coldest water bottle, it is easy to drink water with one hand to beat the heat.

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Virtually Unbreakable:

Unlike plastic or glass water bottles, the Coldest Bottle has a stainless steel body which is virtually unbreakable. Travelers, athletes or professional users can stay tension free while keeping water in it. This bottle has potential to bear shocks. It will never leak or break from any side. It keeps the water cold longer to beat the heat.

Cleaning Is Easy:

I use to clean the Coldest Bottle frequently. No doubt, The Coldest Water ensures no sweat technology, odor resistance, and toxin free water storage but it is still important to wash the bottle after a trip. Unlike other water bottles, it is very easy to clean. I usually use Coldest Brush to ensure proper cleaning. I have tried different solutions and methods to clean the Coldest Bottle. For example, I prefer the use of baking soda and white vinegar because it is best for cleaning as well as disinfection.