I was so excited when I happened upon this sports cap. I purchased the Coldest Water bottle about a month ago and I LOVE IT!!! It is the best water bottle I’ve owned as far as keeping my water cold. I will still have ice left in it the next morning (so 24 + hours) if I don’t dump it that night. Its amazing! I’ve been leaving the top off of it, as it doesn’t come with a sippable top, so that it is easy to drink out of. I don’t really like keeping it open though because it has the chance to get something in it or because my little one likes to get a hold of it and dump it all over himself and my floor! So, when I saw the sippable top I immediately went to buy it. The sports top is very good quality and is really durable. It comes with a removable straw and doesn’t leak when the spout is down. It fits perfectly in the bottle as well. The only reasons I took a star off were that the straw comes off somewhat easily when you are twisting it on due to the ice inside. You have to be very careful when turning for it not to pop off. If you don’t have the spout all the way pulled back you won’t be able to drink from it. Also, the spout isn’t very big so your face is really close to the sports top. These aren’t really that big of a deal for me though, so I would’ve still purchased knowing this. Very happy overall!

Review by on February 6, 2016

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