Avoid Night Sweat with The Coldest Mattress

Night sleep is influenced by numerous factors such as raising the temperature of the room. In most of the cases, we don’t pay attention towards the optimum temperature required for a restful sleep. According to the experts, 65 to 72 degree Fahrenheit is ideal for a comfortable and restful sleep during the night. It is obvious that temperature penetrates in different layers of the mattress. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a mattress which has potential to keep its own temperature low. If not then you will awake with a wet shirt in the morning.

The Coldest Water shares the good news of introducing modern technologies in The Coldest Mattress. This is a modern mattress which is based on 20 years of research and engineering work. Yes, we have employed mattress experts and engineers to combine various techniques or technologies to design a product which is ideal in all aspects. While our main focus was on maintenance of temperature, we successfully managed to control it with the help of modern technologies.

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Why Should Body Temperature Be Low?

We are talking about the sleep during the night. It is believed that body temperature goes down while we sleep as our brain has to start the processing. This is the time when brain focuses on the maintenance and repairing of tissues, muscles, and bones. On the other hand, production of growth hormones also takes place in this time. It all happens when the body gets Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase. It is necessary to bring the body temperatures below 22 degree Celsius in order to achieve the REM Phase. This shows the importance of lower temperature of the body.

Why The Coldest Mattress?

As a matter of fact, this mattress has excellent potential to keep the temperature in the outer layer. This helps to avoid the deposition of temperature in the deeper layers. The latex remains cool while the aeration pores on the upper layer continue to eliminate heat. This is a simple mechanism which keeps The Coldest Mattress really cool for the users. No doubt, there are air conditioning systems and other options for ventilation but your mattress still has a significant role. It will ruin the artificial temperature controlling systems if storing heat inside the latex. Other reasons to use The Coldest Mattress are given below.

  • A modern approach to keep body temperature down.
  • Aerated pores on the upper layers.
  • High-quality latex which doest store heat.
  • Coldest Fusion Weave.
  • Coldest Ripple Airflow.
  • Anti-Heat Dispersion Layer.

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What Do Our Users say about The Coldest Mattress?

This would be interesting to see the reviews and feedbacks about this modern mattress. The Coldest Water always shares reality-based facts and figures with its users. We have a section of consumer’s opinions and feedback. This is very helpful for the buyers looking for the best cool mattresses of 2018. Keep in touch with our coldest engineers and mattress experts to learn more about the benefits of The Coldest Mattress. This will bring calm and sweat free sleep for you.