As children physically grow, the quality of their sleep at night is very important to them.

A good night’s sleep reflects the lifestyle of individuals, especially children. But encouraging our young ones to get a good night’s sleep is sometimes a bit of a struggle. It’s probably because your kid is too hooked on his game on his computer or phone, or they still have more energy to run around the house at night doing somersaults and stuff. Or they want to finish their science or mathematics homework so badly, and many more reasons that make them stay up in the evening. But as parents or guardians, we must find ways to make our kids hit the sack. So what can we do?

1.Provide them with a good sleeping environment. No one wants to sleep in a room that is messy. So the best way is to team up with your kid to clean up their sleeping room. Make sure that everything is dust-free and sanitized, especially the bed and the floor. And make sure that the room is well ventilated so the air circulates. Having a humidifier is well encouraged to make the air less dry. And if your kids are fans of cartoons or games, then spend some time making the room’s theme similar to what they prefer. And it is also important to eliminate distractions like keeping their phones or televisions off.

2. Make the nighttime routines enjoyable. There are many night routines you and your children can set up before going to bed. I like giving them a warm bath, especially in the cold weather. Or treat them with a glass of milk or tea. Maybe your child likes to hear stories from books, Dr. Seuss’s stories could be a good recommendation. A prayer or a meditation is not bad as well, especially if your child prefers spiritual upliftment. Any activities, as long as they are both fun and relaxing, would be a good way to make children appreciate the fun and tranquility before hitting the pillows.

3. Monitor children’s diets. from breakfast to lunch, and especially dinner. We should be aware of our children’s food intake when it comes to food, as this could somehow impact sleep. Keep foods and beverages rich in caffeine to a minimum if you don’t want to see children jumping around their bedrooms. You will also need to consider setting up a time for eating as the digestive system is not consistent in its work performance as the time of day goes by. Also, for evening supper, keep foods light and easy to digest.

Practicing a good lifestyle in regards to sleep, especially for children, is highly encouraged as it would reflect on the health of children as they grow.

March 13, 2022 — Shopify API