When you saw someone or you yourself got an ankle sprain, what do you think you can do at home to treat it?. In this article, I’ll discuss a brief introduction about ankle sprain, how to treat it at home and what instrument you can use to treat it.


A sprained ankle, also known as a twisted ankle or rolled ankle, is an injury in which one or more ankle ligaments sprain. A sprained ankle occurs when a person lands on an uneven surface after jumping or running the foot moves suddenly in sideways or when it twists. Ankle sprains can happen in sports like basketball, volleyball, football, and racquet sports or during everyday activities.

Here are some reasons that you might get a sprain:

1. Running on uneven surfaces
2. Sports shoes that doesn’t have enough ankle support
3. Weak Ligaments
4. Weak muscles or tendons

1. Swelling of Ankle
2. Bruises around the ankle
3. You can experience pain while walking
4. Painful when bending the ankle upwards and downwards

These indications will help you determine if you got a sprained ankle when you feel uncomfortable while walking and if you accidentally fall or twist your ankle.


Other people might think that at-home remedy is not suitable if you got a sprained ankle, but this remedies contributes a lot to provide first aid or early treatment. Professionals says that early treatment can lessen the severity of your ankle and can help speed recovery. It is important to ease up the pain and swelling in the first few days.

The most common at-home technique is R.I.C.E

Rest – Having enough rest for your injured ankle is a must. Resting your ankle can avoid the severe swelling and pain.

Ice – This is commonly use to reduce the swelling, but it should not be applied directly to the skin it might cause cold injuries.

Compression – Compression can help limit the amount of fluid that accumulates around your ankle joint, preserving ankle motion and reducing inflammation. To avoid dangerously impairing circulation, compression bandages should be snug rather than tight.

Elevation – Elevating the leg only works effectively when you are lying down. A few pillows under your ankle will raise your leg sufficiently while keeping your ankle comfortable.
The less swelling, inflammation and pain around your ankle, the sooner you can move on to the next stage of recovery .
These four elements can make a big part to a sprained ankle.

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This ice pack is built with air compression to reduce the swelling, pain and inflammation of your injury. This is flexible and it can be molded to your ankle. The good thing with this product is that you can control the hand compressor to your preferred pressure in the injured area. It also has on and off for the hand compressor bulb.

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