Sleeping is a physiological need of the same rank as drinking, breathing or eating. It’s not a luxury! It is an indisputable requirement for good health. Indeed, insufficient sleep can cause many disorders, whether emotional, mental or physical. The quality of the mattress on which you sleep greatly affects your sleep.

Thus, we will help you choose the one suited to your needs.


Back pain caused by poor bedding

Why buy a good mattress?

For a good sleep

For comfort

The COLDEST mattress

How to choose a mattress?

The various models

The criteria of choice


Back Pain Caused By Poor Bedding:

Back pain is like a disease of the century affecting millions of people in Europe. This type of pathology can affect everyone, be it a child, an adult or a senior. There are several causes that can cause back pain. In most cases, back pain can occur as a result of heavy loads, trauma, stress and more. Back pain can also be a symptom of pregnancy, ovarian cysts or osteoporosis.

Aside from these different causes, there is still another very common factor causing back pain. This is the wrong choice of mattresses. Remember to change your betting when you have back pain when you wake up or when you are lying down. In general, bedding that is not adapted to the morphology of the person sleeping on it will cause back pain.

Why Buy A Good Mattress?

Some people think that choosing a mattress is less important detail. But, they are wrong because precisely, quality bedding has many notable benefits, including health.

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For a Good Sleep:

Comfortable bedding allows you to sleep well first. People often use a limited budget as an excuse not to get a quality mattress. You will change your mind if you knew that a good night’s sleep on a good mattress will help you lose weight, optimize your memory, eliminate stress and live longer. For your back pain, you will not have to worry because the bedding well chosen will promote their healing. Beside these priceless virtues, the price of a high-end mattress is nothing.

For Comfort:

The mattress brings you support and comfort. If you choose the right choice, it can better eliminate the moisture produced by your body during sleep while reducing the risk of development of mites and mold. Note that these are sources of allergy.

The COLDEST Mattress:

To discover quality mattresses, you can go to an online store established a few years back in Florida, USA. They will deliver your mattress to you in 24 / 48h, you can then test it for 110 nights and make it free if it is not suitable for you. The Coldest Mattress is available in different sizes to suit all sleepers. They believe in building the highest quality materials and designed to keep you cooler at night. No more muscle soreness and back pain thanks to the Coldest Fusion Weave™ layer relieving pressure on your body. The RIDGE™ airflow system allows two things to happen. It improves heat dispersion across the entire mattress as well as provides solid.

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How to Choose a Mattress?

The purchase of a mattress is one of the most important purchases. Since we spend the third of our lives sleeping, it makes more sense to make the right choice. Acquiring new bedding is not a decision to make lightly; several parameters need to be taken into account. But before discovering them, you have to know the different types of mattresses.

Various Models:

On the market, an impressive or extensive collection is available.

We Differentiate in Many Categories:

The Memory Foam Mattress:

They are usually made of polyurethane, this type of mattress fits perfectly to the shape of your body, whatever your body size and how you sleep. The memory foam has good resistance to dust mites, mildew, and many bacteria. More importantly, it avoids and treats all low back and joint disorders.

The Spring Mattress:

These models are made of drawn steel wire. Pocket springs (individually wrapped springs) prove to be the right choice if you choose this type of mattress because they have better ventilation and ensure optimal back support. The spring bedding is ideal for people with a strong build thanks to its strong resistance. But it has disadvantages also.

The Latex Mattress:

The latex is the derivative of rubber. Adapted to all forms of the body, latex promises a good fit for the whole body. The latex mattress is well ventilated, very elastic and hypoallergenic.

The Criteria of Choice:

To get rid of infernal back pain, you must choose your bedding carefully. In terms of mattresses, the selection of the model (latex, spring, foam) is a decision to make but you must study in advance other elements. Remember that the bedding also plays a role. Indeed, the mattress must be adapted to the bed base.

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Here are the Other Things to Check:


Favoring very firm mattresses is very common but it is an incorrect idea. Stiff bedding will only make your back pain worse. Good bedding should not be too soft or too firm. The choice of the level of firmness also depends on the weight and size of the sleepers.


The comfort of a mattress must be felt the first time you lie on it. The quality of the reception varies with the materials used. The quality of a good mattress is defined by the state of its upholstery. It is better if it is thick and made of noble and diverse materials. Fabrics made of natural fibers are a guarantee of quality because those made of synthetic fibers are too breathable and give free rein to dust mites and molds.

The Dimension:

To define the exact size of a suitable mattress, it is advisable to add 20 cm to its size.

The Independence of Sleeping:

This point is essential if you sleep with someone. Since a person rotates an average of 40 times during the night, opt for mattresses with better independence of sleeping allowing you to ignore the movements of your spouse.

The acquisition of bedding requires an investment that is often expensive. But know that it is possible to obtain funding to reduce your expenses. So, do not hesitate to buy a good mattress!