9 Benefits to Drinking Ice Cold Water

Its’ no longer a myth to anyone. Drinking cold water is beneficial to your health. Among many of the epic benefits, here are the top 10 benefits.

Cold Water Burns More Calories

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It is scientifically proven that one 16 ounce glass of cold water can burn up to 17.5 calories! Fact! When it comes to keeping your water cold, The Coldest Water will keep it up to 22 hours cold or longer.

Cold Water Makes You Happier

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The Institute of Psychiatry in London says drinking cold water, or anything cold stimulates your orbitofrontal cortex, or enjoyment bit of the brain, thus making you happier.

Cold water will wake you up
Similar to drinking cold water, showering in cold water will have a similar effect.

Cold water eases your pain
Can you say ice pack?

Cold water improves your sex life

It is proven that cold water improves sex hormones testosterone and estrogen!

Cold water boosts your immune system

The Germans have discovered those who showered for 2 minutes in cold water developed fewer colds than those who took hotter showers. You can bet the same for those who drink it.

Cold water can make your hair shiny

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