7 Reasons to Drink Water for Muscle Growth:

Have you ever thought of leaving your water bottle at home when going to workouts? Here is why you should not! Here are a few interesting and important facts to ponder. Athletes spend hours on building their muscles in the right way. Obviously, a lot of hard work is required for this. You might have never known that drinking water can ease the hard work you perform to gain strong muscles. Studies have shown that drinking required the amount of water as recommended by specialists, help in gaining supersize muscles! This article will explain further about this, Keep reading.

1- Maintain Muscle Pump:

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, it is recommended to intake 600 ml of water before exercise and further it states that it requires at least 1200 ml water for proper hydration during a one-hour workout. The reason is that, when workouts are done, in order to maintain blood pressure and proper blood circulation, an adequate amount of water intake is mandatory. If enough water is not taken during workouts from the water bottle, body shuttles water from muscles causing improper muscle pump and bad effects from workouts.

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2- Energy for Workouts:

While working out, if the body does not find the required amount of energy to be utilized, it causes post-exercise fatigue and exhaustion. This result in consuming glycogen stored in the muscles for energy utilization, causing the reduction in muscle growth. Hence, it is required to take the required amount of water during the workouts to prevent this type of conditions.

3- Improves Muscle Growth:

After performing intensive research, Journal of Strength and Conditioning have concluded that 1.5% dehydration tends to decrease muscle strength of one rep. When your rep count goes down, it affects the muscle growth both in size and in strength. So, keep in mind that the more you get dehydrated, the more you lose in terms of muscle development.

4- Prevent Muscle Breakdown:

Studies show that one should maintain a good protein synthesis in the body for better muscle growth. Drinking water prevents less muscle breakdown by avoiding shrinking of muscle cells and afterward maintaining a good protein synthesis.

5- Better Exercise Performance:

Especially for athletes, fatigue is a primary issue during workouts. Well, one of the major reasons behind fatigue is the less consumption of water. Researchers have found that it is better to drink a cup of water in every 15 minutes while doing workouts. This will helps in preventing fatigue and for an active workout session.

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6- Flexible Joints:

It is a common scenario among athletes to suffer from joint injury. Insufficient intake of water is the main reason for this, which causes issues in synovial fluid in joints making the joints vulnerable to injuries. Remember that joints bear the vigorous movements during workouts: therefore, make sure joints stay healthy.

7- Prevent Muscle Cramp:

We all know, how painful a muscle cramp is, especially while workouts. It creates an unnecessary burden on you. Keep on drinking water and it will prevent you from this nightmare. Water helps in removing metabolic byproducts from the body. If you don’t take enough water, your muscles will involve causing cramps. It is a general recommendation to drink water from 3.5 liters to 7 liters while workouts. Do practice this to get rid of bad experiences while doing workouts.

Well, it is clear how important it is to drink water during workouts. Whether you are new to workouts or a professional athlete, in both these cases, it is important to know the benefits of drinking water from the water bottle during workouts. Drinking adequate amount of water will definitely help you in gaining strong muscles and a good personality. Keep the good work going; do not forget to drink enough water!