Bottled water is a top soft drink worldwide. In 2015, people in the UK consumed more than 2.4 billion liters of bottled water which increased to 2.8 billion just after one year in 2016. This was an alarming trend. No doubt, hydration is essential and it must be our main focus but achieving this goal by producing 50 billion plastic bottles and downing 70% of it in landfills and oceans is not a sensible idea.

Bottled water companies have invested millions just to convince users that this water is safe and healthy. Unfortunately, the latest scientific researches and studies are not satisfied with this claim. The results of scientific efforts revealed that bottled water is risky as it has more chances of getting contaminated than the tap water. The studies also showed that tap water is safe as it doesn’t contain chemicals and toxins. In contrast, chemicals and toxins have been found in the bottled water.

It is hard to imagine for everyone that tap water is safer and healthier than bottled water. Tap water is also inexpensive for users. Buying bottled water requires hundreds of dollars per month. Do you have this capacity to afford expensive water? Whether you can buy or not, the bottled water has a huge impact on your pockets. It also has negative impacts on the environment such as increasing pollution. Several studies have confirmed that more than 70% of the plastic bottles produced go to landfills and oceans rather than recycling. This is a big cause of increasing pollution in the world. We are going to share 6 Wise Reasons to use Reusable Water Bottle – Say No to Bottled Water.

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Bottled Water is Expensive:

Production, filling, and transportation of bottled water is very expensive. This also takes more time from production to transportation. This is why bottled water is expensive as manufacturers have to earn some profit from it. Therefore, reusable water bottles should be used as these are inexpensive in the long run.

Plastic Bottles Release Toxins and Dangerous Chemicals:

Plastic bottles are known to release toxins and dangerous chemicals in the water. These bottles can’t maintain the chemical bonding or structure in high temperatures or even when exposed to sunlight. This is a big risk for health. It is recommended to avoid plastic bottles. Instead, carry a reusable water bottle such as Coldest Bottle which is a pure stainless steel insulated water container.

Negative Impacts of Bottled Water:

Mountains of waste are made with the empty single-use bottles. Majority of the plastic bottles are thrown away after using for once. This is the main point which brings our attention to the negative impacts of bottled water. On the other hand, plastic containers and bottles last for longer even if dumped in the soil. It takes thousands of years for full decomposition. It is impossible to recycle all the plastic bottles. According to the latest updates, only 23% of the bottled water bottles can be recycled in a year.

Plastic Bottles are behind Pollution:

Efforts to recycle plastic bottles are not so successful. As mentioned above, mega-structures designed to recycle these bottles can manage only 23% of the total production. What about the remaining 70%? This will directly go to oceans and landfills where it stays forever without complete decomposition. This increases the pollution in oceans, waterways, and even in our soils.

Plastic Bottles are Accumulating of Micro-Plastics:

Plastic bottles are dangerous to nature. Once these bottles reach the waste, they become a lethal weapon for the animals, birds, and even fishes. Studies have shown that animals especially the fishes in oceans are feeding on plastic materials. This has resulted in the accumulation of micro-plastics in their stomach causing carcinogenic effects. This has disturbed the entire food chain even the humans who consume fishes.

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Plastic Smog Causing the Toxin:

Plastic smog is another major concern. These are tiny plastic pieces gathering in the oceans. This plastic smog attracts pollutants. As mentioned above, fishes also consume these tiny plastic particles. This is an alarming situation causing trouble for the entire food chain in lands and oceans.


So What We Can Do To Create a Difference? How to Stop Increasing Plastic Pollution?

As discussed above, recycling is not an attractive solution. It is not feasible. The massive production and utilization of plastic containers are difficult to control. However, there is a possibility of minimizing the plastic utilization by using “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” strategy. Go for Reusable Water Bottle – Say No to Bottled Water.

Remember, a single-use plastic container or water bottle can never be treated for recycling in order to produce a similar but newer one. It means that recycling is not a valuable tool as it only transforms the single-use plastic bottles into a less valuable item (textile in most cases).

In order to make a real difference, there is a need to focus on reusable materials. The best example is a stainless steel insulated bottle which can be used again and again. It is a one-time investment and you can refill this bottle from the nearest tap whenever needed. These bottles run for longer because of higher durability. Purchase the top trending reusable bottles such as Coldest Bottle right now and make your first effort to control environmental pollution.

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Carry Reusable Water Bottle – Say No to Bottled Water.

Don’t wait for others. Make a personal decision and say “Goodbye” to plastic bottles. It is not difficult as there are so many valuable alternatives available around. Always carry a reusable water bottle for daily activities. Whether you go to the gym, a morning walk, office for work, sports or even swimming, the reusable bottles will stay with you. This is an amazing idea which helps to stay hydrated in the hot days.

Finally, the use of reusable water bottles is a big step towards Eco-friendly programs. You can keep your health and environment safe from the chemicals and toxins. No doubt, plastic pollution is already present everywhere but it is time to reduce it in a special way. Find Eco-friendly water bottles having no negative impacts on the environment as well as on your health. Start a community campaign such as cleaning the beaches. Gather the neighbors, school kids, and others to collect plastic containers, pieces or bottles from the Waterways, Oceans, and Lakes. This will bring a positive change in our world and hymen health. Make a habit to use Reusable Water Bottle

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