Go to Greener Alternatives

There are people who drink water directly from their faucets while others drink mineral water. However, drinking bottled water is not so healthy and ecological as we believe!

Here are 5 reasons to no longer consume bottled water.

You are often told, it is advisable to drink 1.5 liters of water a day to maintain the hydration of your body. In order to better measure the amount of water our body needs, we often refer to the water format that large dispensations provide (mostly one-liter bottles). But, between manufacturing bottles to plastic recycling, this method of packaging has many negative points and harms our health and the environment. After becoming aware of the five reasons why you have to finish with these bottles, you will not drink your water in the same way.

1- It Is Not So Good For Health

The plastic of water bottles is made from chemical compounds called PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which have adverse effects on health. Indeed, they contain endocrine disruptors that modify the proper functioning of our cells. Exposure to these chemicals, even at low doses, can lead to hormonal dysfunction, decreased fertility, infertility and even breast cancer.

In addition, the reuse of plastic bottle is dangerous for health because the bottoms of the bottle promote the appearance of all kind of bacteria and germs. According to a recent study, in a reused bottle, there are 20 times more bacteria than in a dog’s bowl and 100 times more than on the toilet bowl. And that’s not all: 60% of these bacteria carry disease.

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2- It Is Less Healthy Than the Faucet:

Bottled water is not as pure as one believes. Very few come from true groundwater sources and some may contain arsenic, naturally present in rocks at the source. Whereas, drinking tap water is perfectly healthy. This is due to the fact that in most of the European countries, the drinking water services are closely monitored for health safety issues while the standards of industrialists tend to be a little more negligent.

However, the most amazing thing is that almost 25% of the bottled water comes from the tap! The industries then treat this water to sell it more expensive. So you can drink tap water. As a precaution, you can install a filter on the tap that eliminates the germs if any and remains its nutrition and taste.

3- Bottled Water is Expensive than Tap Water

According to the House of Consumption and the Environment, bottled water is about 120 times more expensive than tap water! And for good reason, it is not the bottled water that you pay the most expensive but the plastic packaging! The bottled water industry earns a lot of money while you can consume water for free or at a nominal cost from the tap.

4- They Are Far From Green Environment:

This is not a new phenomenon; plastic bottles generate a considerable amount of waste. Although some plastics are recycled (No. 1 PET – No. 2 HDPE – No. 5 PP), the recycling cycle of this material is not infinite and requires a lot of energy that can harm the environment (trucks, incinerator etc.) Moreover, plastic bottles are easily found everywhere in nature (especially in the oceans and in the forest) and take tens or even hundreds of years to disappear. All the more reason to ban these plastics bottles from home. You must go for Green society and buy the quality stainless steel bottles to drink pure water at home or in office.

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5- Get Greener Alternatives

To no longer consume bottled water, we offer you a very simple alternative accessible to all: the purchase of a bottle or reusable bottle of any shape or size you like. Choose a durable glass or stainless steel water bottle (like The Coldest Bottles) that you can easily take anywhere with you. For the house, consider investing in a stainless steel coldest water bottle or a glass jug with an eco-friendly filter that guarantees even safer water. For more taste, do not hesitate to add pieces of fruits or vegetables for the detox and colorful effect!

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