Working as the search and rescue team in the world can be a tough job. The human beings always need to drink plenty of water in a day, especially in the hot summer. Search and rescue teams always use big bottles to carry the water for meeting their drinking needs on the work. However, these bottles don’t keep the water cold for several consecutive hours. Now, the 1-gallon water bottle is increasingly becoming common and popular due to unlimited features and specs. These professionals aim at keeping hydration level stable.

For this; one-gallon water bottle meets their needs perfectly. Secondly, there are several motivating and core reasons behind an excessive increase in the popularity of one-gallon water bottle. The Coldest Water has designed and manufactured this big-sized bottle in a friendly shape and structure. Secondly, the search and rescue teams can hang this bottle with their belts and move easily. Further, this bottle is insulated from both sides and the water will remain cold for the next 36 hours. Price of this water bottle is easily accessible, while it comes with lifetime warranty.

Reasons to Buy One Gallon Water Bottle:

One gallon water bottle has become a trendy and popular product among the workers and professionals in rescue departments. The most teams work outdoor in the toughest and most unpleasant weather conditions. They need to drink water continuously and maintain their hydration level. Of course, if they maintain their hydration level, they will perform better and will have the good stamina at work. Anyhow, in the following, some solid reasons for buying the 1-gallon water bottle are given with detail.

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Strong & Durable:

Plastic and metallic bottles are not more durable as the one-gallon water bottle is. In fact, it is made up of stainless steel that maintains the shape and strength of the bottle. Further, it is strong and durable for long-lasting use. You can choose one-gallon water bottle for outdoor working and visits. The search and rescue teams always prefer this type of big-sized water bottle. It can keep the water cold for several consecutive hours. Secondly, it provides sufficient storage space for the users.

Anti-BPA and Odor:

Almost 95% water bottles are not BPA and odor free. So, the users will feel some type of odd smell while drinking water in the water bottles. On the other side, the coldest water bottle is 100% BPA and odor-free. This quality inspires and compels the search and rescue teams to replace the old bottles with the one-gallon water bottle.

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In addition, one-gallon water bottle has been made up of anti-sweating technology. The powerful insulation walls will never let the coldness flee towards outwards. You will never feel the water bottle wet while keeping the cold water or ice cubes.

Friendly & Easy Portability:

Portability of one-gallon water bottle seems a bit odd, but this is a false perception. If you buy the 1-gallon water bottle for your search and rescue job, you can move with it quite easily. It is easily portable due to lightweight and stronger cap and rubber holder.

Good Storage Space:

Storage space of coldest water bottle 1 gallon is a key element that can change the decision of customers. Most Rescue Teams prefer this bigger water bottle to meet their drinking needs. If you have the 1-gallon water bottle, then you can drink as much water as you should.