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Top Home Workouts


Are you on a tight budget? or having difficulty going to the gym?

When most people think of working out, they think of cardio, weights and resistance training in a gym. However, you don’t need a gym membership or any equipment to work up a sweat, build muscle, and or to lose weight in the comfort of your own home particularly in this time of pandemic.

There are home workouts can be just as effective as a gym workout if done correctly and consistently. As they say, “CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY”.

You can ultimately integrate cardio into your training, but first focus on mastering the basics. Early on, you will be able to see and feel the results.

You can get ideas for your preferred workout in different social media outlets, but the most popular one is in YouTube, various gym instructors and or fitness coach shares their workouts to build or gain muscle, to lose weight or even to relieve stress.

There are different kinds of exercise that you can do at home.

  • Yoga
  •  HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training)
  •  Jumping Rope
  • Zumba
  • Aerobics

These are some of many workouts that you can do at home and each routine can be designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced.


Here are some of the most recommended home workouts.

Jumping Ropes
This is the most popular these days, some people are enjoying the different tricks while exercising. If you don’t have ropes you can just do the movement, easy as that. Jumping rope has been proved to help improve bone density, which makes your bones stronger, in addition to being an effective cardio workout.

This routine is one of the most effective exercise to build a muscle most specifically to build a booty. It also firms your thighs and core.

Push Ups
This exercise is perfect for building muscle in your arms, chest, shoulders and also works for abs. With proper form and consistency you will get the best result.

Any training routine should include core strengthening exercises. It looks and feels wonderful to have a strong and sturdy core. But, more importantly, planking aids in bodily stabilization, balance, and power during almost any other activity.


Get Hydrated

Rehydration is critical, especially if you’ve exercised vigorously or sweated profusely. Muscle flexibility, strength, and muscle pain are all improved by replenishing fluid levels.

At least 4 cups of water or nutritious liquids like coconut water, green or black tea, or chocolate milk are recommended. You could also opt for a low-sugar sports drink. Electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium, are found in these drinks and can help prevent and relieve muscle cramping.

Avoid drinks that are too sweet, caffeinated, or alcohol, as they might lead to dehydration.

The Coldest Water Bottle is the best partner for hydration, it keeps your water cold for at least 36 hours and gives you a refreshing feels every time you drink your water.

Coldest Water Bottle

Cool Down

Finish your workout with a cooldown to allow your heart rate to gradually return to normal. It also prevents blood from accumulating in the lower extremities, which can cause lightheadedness or dizziness.

A correct cooldown can also aid in stress relief, muscle discomfort prevention, and injury prevention and improves your overall health.

Cold Therapy

This post work out routine should be done 24 hours after the exercise to prevent tissue damage, muscle soreness and to recover strength.
The best partner for this is The Coldest Full Body Ice Pack. You can wrap up yourself or place it under your sheets at nights to give comfort to your sore muscles.

” The harder the workout, The greater the feeling of accomplishment “

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