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Tips for Choosing a Pillow That Will Improve Your Sleep

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There are several different types of pillows, each adapted to different body features and sleep styles. We will help you to choose the right pillow for you, so you can sleep better and wake up in shape.

Find a Pillow That Prevents Neck Pain:

Up to 80% of adults suffer from neck pain at some point in their lives, usually as a result of muscle injury, arthritis, osteoporosis or simply wear and tear associated with poor posture.

The good news is? Several studies suggest that the Coldest Pillows can relieve pain, but you may have to try several types before finding one that is perfect for you.

Some neck support pillows resemble standard pillows with an extension for your neck and upper spine, while others are rectangular rolls or pillows with indentations for your head and firmer support for your neck. Some pillows are filled with different materials or made from foam.

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Choose between Types of Pillows:

In a study of 41 people with chronic neck pain who tried a roll pillow and a pillow filled with water for two weeks, the researchers found that half preferred the pillow filled with water because it improved their sleep and reduces the morning pain. Others favored their own standard pillow.

When 52 people with neck pain tried four cervical pillows plus a standard pillow, 77% said cervical pillows improved their sleep, and 61% reported fewer morning headaches. But there was no winner among these pillows.

Several types offer relief, and participants simply said that the best was gentle and gave good support to the natural curve of the spine at the neck.

Because of these findings, the researchers made the Coldest Pillows that helps in ideal sleeping.

Pillows That Stop Snoring:

One day, the coldest pillow will eliminate the noise of the night and allow you (and your partner) to sleep more deeply.

Developed by the Coldest Water Company engineers for those people who are sick of waking up in sweats. Their engineers took 20+ years of talents and made the perfect mattress and pillows that every person would love to sleep just right. Their pillow and mattress almost defy the laws of Thermodynamics.


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The Coldest Pillow aids with snoring, acid reflux, allergies, problem breathing, hiatal hernia, poor circulation, neck or back problems. It also helps in any other condition which breathing may be impaired in the supine position. It certainly helps to improve breathing and minimize snoring.

You spend a third of your life sleeping, so it is a good idea to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. The best way to get more restful sleep is to get perfect pillows that suit you best.


The Coldest Wedge Pillow:

The Coldest Wedge Pillow provides ideal cooling relief. It is perfectly supporting your upper body, or a stabilizer for side lying down or leg. Helpful either your suffering from acid reflux or difficulty in breathing. It helps to provide relief for neck or back problems and hiatal. It also can be used to elevate your feet.

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