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The Coldest Mattress | Coldest Mattress of the 21st Century

The Coldest Mattress | Coldest Mattress of the 21st Century

Our Engineers and creative’s who have been working and devoted their entire energy on the line every day experimenting manufacturing cold products at The City of The Coldest. We have complete belief in our products and provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Our company is based in Naples, Florida, USA.

We accept challenges and believe in manufacturing the very coldest products with the highest quality materials to use of every day.

You can follow our story on the fight against our and your one true enemy,hot.


Introduction of Coldest Mattress:

We have worked hard to build the finest Coldest Mattress with top quality materials and especially architecture to keep your body cool while sleeping. We have developed a coldest fusion weave technique which disperses and dissipate heat. The top surface of the mattress always remains cooler even after hours of sleep. Our new technology is different than gel and function correctly for more than a decade or even more. Our Coldest Mattress is most effective in hotter tropical and subtropical areas or even in other areas during summers.

Coldest Mattress


Coldest Mattress with Airflow:

Airflow is the critical component of any mattress. We have designed the coldest mattress in such a way that air flow is constant. This allows dispersion of heat and equal distribution of body weight. If you use this product then you will never complain about back pain or sore neck in the morning.

Sizes of the Coldest Mattress:

The coldest mattress comes in six sizes which are perfect for every human being on this planet. For children we have ‘twin’ and ‘twin XL’; for elder people or people with average height and built we have a full-size mattress. Bigger athletes and bodybuilders can go for ‘king’ and ‘California king’ size. We also create special mattress for women which are known by the name of ‘Queen Mattress.’ All these mattresses fall in the range of just $625 to $975 only.


Coldest Mattress Features:

  • Three modern technologies (‘Coldest Fusion Weave’, ‘Ridge Airflow System’, and ‘Coldest Anti-Heat Dispersion Layer’).
  • No need for any energy sources like battery or electricity.
  • Epic comfort levels like never before.
  • 120 days this is a full season home trial period which is way better than 10-minute test at any store.
  • Everything is made in the United States.
  • All the profit is earned and shared by Americans only. We care for America.
  • 100% customer satisfaction track record.
  • Exciting offers and discounts.
  • The Complete range of the coldest products under one roof.




Enjoy Sleep on Coldest Mattress:

Most of the people understand the role of sound sleep. The perfect sleep is important for body repairs as well as for mental peace; both of these things are vital for better body performance. And the coldest mattress is most important for achieving better sleep at night. We have the customer base of thousands of people within a short duration after our product launch this year. So far no one has returned our product or even registered a complaint. We are proud to say that we have 100% happy clients and we want you to become our client. Please visit our website today and buy the coldest mattress for you and your family.

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