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The Best Mattress to Make Love

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The Best Mattress to Make Love

This is a short article quite different from what we usually write but we wanted to discuss the subject of sex and bedding for once. Although this is clearly not a criterion for choosing the mattress for 99% of the population, it is always better to have a mattress not too hard to go to bed with your spouse not true?


The mattress we use

Opt for a comfortable welcome

The beds should not too noisy

Density and springs or quality of the mattress for sex

Notice and recommendation


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The Mattress We Use:

My wife and I sleep on the coldest mattress and we must say that it is really the top comfort level of what we could test. We recommend it to all, you will sleep very well and it is comfortable to make love to…

Discover the Coldest Mattress:

Opt for a Comfortable Mattress

Believe it makes all the difference, at one time we had a mattress with a too firm material and very hard during our leg sessions in the air we must admit that it was not the most pleasant for the back. At that moment we did not really realize but since we sleep on the single mattress. Now, we are using Coldest Mattress we must say that the difference is quite obvious.

Coldest Fusion Weave™ for the Coldest Mattress:

The Coldest Fusion Weave™ is specifically developed for heat dispersion and dissipation. We love the material so much; we used it in our mattresses.

The RIDGE™ airflow system allows two things to happen. It improves heat dispersion across the entire mattress as well as provides a solid base.

The Coldest mattress is a soft yet firm mattress, which makes it most optimal for athletes and high performers.

From our side, we recommend a soft or wraparound welcome for a nice mattress to make love.


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Don’t Use the Beds That Is Too Noisy:

We all have seen a movie where the actors were making love on an old bed with ultra loud springs that made the room tremble and woke everyone up! If you do not want to wake up your neighborhood during your sleep under the duvet we recommend you opt for a coldest Mattress that is the most suitable and the not noisy.

The slatted bed bases will be clearly less noisy than spring beds but we prefer the soft yet firm mattress personally.

Density and springs of The Mattress for Sex:

If you are a young couple (or less young for that matter), we recommend you to buy the mattress either high-density foam or with large numbers of spring. Why do we recommend that? Simply because it is important to choose a quality mattress no matter whether it is to make love or not and because it is all the more interesting in this case knowing that you will “heckle” on the mattress of many times.


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We recommend the Coldest Mattress and coldest Pillows for having cool sleep including better experience of sex.

Notice and Recommendation:

Personally, we sleep on the Coldest Mattress as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. We must say that it is really one of the best mattresses whether to make love or sleep. The reception is cool enveloping and just ultra comfortable. It supports on the back is the top (it is recommended as a mattress for the sensitive back).

We recommend it, we put you a link just below if you ever want to take a look, it’s really a unique ultra comfortable mattress for all!

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