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Good Sleep is Important to Your Health

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Adults usually need between six and nine hours of sleep per day. But it varies from person to person.

Sleep is needed for your body and your brain to recover and process impressions. When you sleep at night, you can easily cope with stress and stress during the day. Sleep can also reduce the risk of disease. So, it is important to use a Quality Mattress and Right Pillow to have a sleep every night and stay healthy.

What happens when you sleep?

Sleep is divided into different sleep phases.

When you can’t sleep

This text is about sleep and health. And For better sleep, you need a Quality Mattress and Right Pillow.

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What Happens When You Sleep?

Sleep is needed for the body and the brain to recover and control impressions. During sleep, the body turns down, blood pressure drops, the pulse and body temperature goes down, the second day becomes less pressurized and the muscles relax. In parts of the brain, activity decreases. At the same time, memories and new knowledge are stored and new impressions are processed.

When you sleep, the body’s immune system activates and important hormones are formed. At the same time, the production of stress hormones decreases. Sleeping enough can reduce the risk of diseases such as elevated blood fats, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, and fatigue syndrome.

For children and adolescents who grow, sleep is of great importance because growth hormone is formed at that time.

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Sleeping Needs Are Different Among Different People:

Adults usually need between six and nine hours of sleep per day. But it varies from person to person. It also varies depending on how effective sleep is, that is, how much sleep you have received. The sleep experts suggest that every person should use Quality Mattress and Right Pillow to have a better sleep every night and stay healthy.

As long as you feel comfortable and work well during the daytime you get enough sleep. On average, adults sleep around seven hours a day. Infants and teens need more sleep. A newborn child sleeps approximately 20 hours a day. Then the sleep needs decreases with age, apart from a temporary increase during the teens. Teenagers usually need to sleep eight and a half to nine hours a day and 60-year-olds usually sleep about 6 hours.

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Sleep is divided Into Different Sleep Phases:

Sleep is divided into so-called sleep cycles in about 90 minutes. During a sleep cycle, sleep changes between different sleep phases.

The Different Sleep Phases Are As Follows:

Falling asleep: During this phase, sleep is superficial and you are lightweight.

Light Sleep: The so-called normal sleep.

Deep sleep: During this phase, the body is recovering and building. The brain works more slowly and the production of stress hormone decreases. During deep sleep, the muscles relax and you are difficult to awake. If you are awakened in this phase, you may feel confused and it takes time before you feel awake.

Dream sleep: Also called REM sleep. REM stands for rapid eye movement.


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Once you have finished your days’ work, turn off the lamp and start feeling drowsy, decreasing the awakening rate. Then you will be in the sleep-up phase. Then you get into the light sleep and afterward you get into the deep sleep.

The light and deep sleep happen regularly during the night together with periods of dream sleep. At the beginning of the night, sleep is dominated by deep sleep. Then the periods of deep sleep are shorter and the periods of dream sleep will be longer. Dreams occur during the different sleep stages, but they are most common during REM sleep. Then the brain works actively in a way that resembles when you are awake. Always use Quality Mattress and Right Pillow to have a quality sleep every night and stay healthy.

Deep Sleep Is Important For the Body’s Recovery:

In order for the body and the brain to get adequate recovery; you need to get enough of the deep sleep. The longer you have been awake, the deeper your sleep will be. It is also easiest to sleep and have deep sleep when the body’s inner bell is set tonight and body metabolism is low.

Become Older, Deep Sleep Decreases:

As you grow older, deep sleep decreases and you sleep and wake up quicker. It may be that, with older age, you need less sleep, but this is not proofed yet.

Women can notice the change in menopause. Sleep can be affected by sweating at night, but It can be avoided if you are using a Quality Mattress and Right Pillow for sleeping.

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When You Can’t Sleep:

Most people have experienced a sleepless night because of stress or anxiety. It’s hard not to sleep for a few nights. There may be several reasons. However, you can have a better sleep if the bedding is proper. Quality Mattress and Right Pillow play an important role to a good sleep. When this happens, the body can recover from sleep in the coming night.

If sleep problems persist, it is important to consider the causes as soon as possible. It may be harder to deal with sleep problems as time passes.

When you don’t get a good sleep, you work worse than usual in several ways. Then it’s a little harder to work with stress every day. Immune defenses are also impaired by sleep deprivation, which makes you ill. Too much sleep also affects the brain’s center of saturation and hunger so you can feel hungrier. Sleep deficiency also affects the blood sugar balance and can make you crazy for sweets.

Avoid these sleep deprivations by making the cozy environment of the bedroom. Always use Quality Mattress and Right Pillow for better sleep and sound health.

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