Relieving Eye Fatigue

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Gadgets that emit blue light, such as our phones, TVs, computers, etc. , are ubiquitous now, especially in this generation. During our productive days in school or work, we always keep our heads stuck in front of computer screens for the incoming deadlines of tasks. An average adult spends almost 11 hours staring at a light-emitting screen, to which the eyes are fully exposed. Our eyes are the ones who are doing most of the duty. They could get overworked and be more vulnerable when being exposed. This can result in strains, watery vision, stubborn heavy eyelids that keep closing demanding sleep, sagging puffy eyes, and the worst of all, dark marks encircling your eyes that make you look like a raccoon. These discomforts happen due to the eyes being tired and overworked since they are sensitive and more exposed. Activities like looking at the computer, phone, television, or even reading a book for prolonged hours could be taxing on our eyes and strain them.

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This strain is called “Computer Vision Syndrome.” If we want our eyes to be maintained and look well for more duties to come and prevent more serious conditions, we must take care of them in certain ways if the classic cucumber trick alone doesn’t work. • Allow your eyes to rest by following the 20-20-20 rule, which is commonly recommended by doctors. Take your gaze away from the screen and look 20 feet away at anything in the distance, such as a tree, a building, a poster of your favorite celebrity, or anything else. Do it for 20 seconds or more. You can even drink water or tea while doing it. Fluids like water or tea will keep you hydrated and increase lubrication, especially in your eyes. And third, 20 means that you must do this every 20 minutes. You may set up a timer to remind you that it’s time for your eyes to take a break.

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Eye exercises Eye exercises are surrounded by muscles too, so a little workout could give benefits. There are routines you can find and try online. Or maybe a simple exercise like: holding your finger a few inches away from your eye, focusing on it, then focusing on the distance, then back at the finger. What you can do is close your eyes, roll them up the ceiling, then down the floor, then in a circular motion. You can incorporate this while doing your 20-second break. Eye Ice Packs To make the eyes feel more relaxed, we need to give them a cold compress. Usually, we do this with cucumbers. But it would be a bit of a hassle because you would need to slice them and refrigerate them. If you ask a doctor if this works for eye strain, they might just say to just eat the cucumber.

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This is where eye ice packs come in handy. They are portable and easy to wear. A cold compress can relieve symptoms like dryness, pain, and swelling. and also reduces puffiness and dark circles surrounding the eyes. 80% of our perception comes from our sight. We must take care of them if we want them to function well for longer periods.

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