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Reasons to Drink More Water Because You Probably Do Not Drink Enough

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Reasons to Drink More Water Because You Probably Do Not Drink Enough

The United States Institute of Medicine recommends that men drink about 3 liters of water every day (about 2 to 2.5 liters for less active people). Do you really do it? Because it is not always easy to constantly drink water with work, parties, activities etc. Yet, it is essential. So here’s why you should drink plenty of water, as well as some tips for drinking more!

Nothing worse than getting up each time to get a glass of water, since you will push the moment as often as possible and you will end up drinking 4 glasses of water instead of 8-10 glasses. Arrange to bring you, for example, 2 glasses of water at a time, or bring the coldest water bottle of any size that can keep water cold up to 36 hours. It will provide cold water to drink all the time easily where ever you are.

Add Flavor to Water!

That’s what you can do and that allowed you to drink the recommended quantity of water. You can buy a juice that you like and dilute it in the water. For example, I put 1 serving of juice for 4 portions of water, and that makes me always want to drink since it tastes something different. Water that tastes nothing is not always attractive and it is difficult to drink 2 to 3 liters. With a little juice, it becomes super easy to drink. Otherwise, if you do not want the calories of the juice (or sugar or anything), carry the 64 oz coldest water bottle and add some mint leaves or rosemary, with slices of lemon or lime to add a little flavor in the water and drink more water.


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Drink Your Water With Straw:

Well, it’s not the most masculine thing, but still, it works! You drink a soda a lot faster with a straw, right? It is even said not to drink alcohol with a straw since it weakens the sense more quickly. So it’s certainly true for water too. You will drink your drink much faster with a straw, and you will reach your target of 2 to 3 liters faster. Try to use Flip Top Lid of the coldest water bottle; it will help you drink more water.

Mark It in Calendar or Sheet!

Do you usually mark, in a calendar or sheet, your physical activities? It’s an excellent motivator to see your progress and to give you a quick overview of your physical activities during the month. You must apply the same practice; it’s the same for water! For example, make 8 small squares in your diary or on a sheet that represent your 8 glasses of water to drink. Tick ​​each time you drink one. It may seem insignificant, but some people need a visual motivation like this to make progress. So why not to drink water? There should be even applications devoted solely to that! Keep the coldest water bottle that keeps the water cold for more than 36 hours.

Drink More Water and Make it a Habit:

It is vital to drink more water. Take the example of smokers: they have made (bad) habits with cigarettes. They smoke a cigarette in the morning with coffee, a cigarette after dinner, etc. Well, do it with water! In the morning, at breakfast, make a permanent habit of drinking water. Do the same before lunch and before dinner for example.

In short, establish moments in your day to drink several glasses of water are important. At some point, it will become a habit and you will easily reach your daily dose without effort. It is possible if you are keeping the coldest water bottle with you as it will keep your water hygienically safe and cold up to 36 hours.



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