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One Life, One Earth: There’s No Other Home

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Earth is life, it is the only living planet in the Solar System that can give us the sources that we need as humans. The water, the trees, the foods, the rich minerals, the gravitational pull, oxygen, and many more, are the things that we need. In a view of a fact, we humans, animals, or any other living and non-living things will not exist without earth or its resources. There shouldn’t be a second planet that we should consider as home because it would be difficult for us to manage the changes that will be brought to us. If we live on Mars or the so-called Planet B, there is no chance that we could be living in the same way again.

Moreover, some of us are still ignorant, they say that earth is replaceable, we could have lived on Mars and started a new chapter of it as a new living planet. That is why there are so many activists that are against that kind of statement because not only the resources of the earth could help us, but also the earth itself protects us from floating around in outer space. If there is no earth, we will not have the oxygen that we need as humans but rather the abundance of carbon dioxide. Earth is very important to us, not only because earth is the third planet close to the sun, but for that certain reason, it gives us the proper sunlight that we need as human beings and to other species living on our living planet.

This shows that it is a lesson for us to learn about the things that we should do whenever there are circumstances that Earth is struggling. As humans, we should take charge and be accountable of our actions such as throwing trash in the wrong place, using lots of materials that is made of plastic, using vehicles that emits a lot of black smoke and many more rather than think of a solution that can help Earth. We can do so much such as reducing plastic wastes by bringing our own things such as water bottles, utensils and many more when we go outside so that we can lessen the use of plastic materials.recycle bag

In addition, we should also be mindful of the products that we use; In Coldest Water, we are using materials that not only help us to reuse but also gives the people the assurance that is durable when they buy it. That is why let us remind to our self that what we do in the present, is what we earn in the future.

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