How to Choose the Right Pillows to Sleep

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A comfortable mattress is not the only factor that can ensure a good night’s sleep. Your pillows also play an important role in the comfort and support you need to sleep soundly and feel refreshed when you wake up.

How to Choose the Right Pillows to Sleep:

If you wake up with neck pains or if your pillow is flat and old, it’s a sign that it’s time to buy a new pillow.

When Should You Replace Your Pillows?

The pillows should be replaced on average every two years. Change pillow that are discolored or stained or that are flat or bumpy. In addition, if you often wake up congested, it is possible that you react to dust mites living in your pillow.


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Types of Pillows:

You will find several types of pillow-like, thick, thin, fluffy or firm. The level of support and comfort of a pillow varies depending on the kind of pillow used.

Natural Pillow: It can hold either down or feathers that trap the air, allowing it to adapt to the shape of your head to bring you comfort and support. The feather pillows are firmer while the down ones are softer. The natural pillow offers breathable comfort.

Synthetic fiber pillow: a good alternative for those who are allergic to feather pillows, but who are looking for the soft, fluffy feel of down. It is hypoallergenic and is usually washable.

Memory Foam Pillow: The memory foam pillow is firm and relieves pressure by matching the shape of your head and neck. It tends to retain heat and may not return to shape after a few minutes. This can be unpleasant if you tend to change positions often when you sleep.

Gel Infusion Pillow: This pillow is infused with gel crystals for firmer support and better air circulation. It does not keep the heat.

Latex Pillow: The latex pillow combines softness and support and generally lasts longer than other types of pillows.

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The firmness of the Pillow:

When it comes to choosing between a soft, medium or firm pillow, how you sleep can help you decide which pillow to buy.

Soft Pillow: If you sleep on your stomach, a softer pillow is a good choice because it provides light support for your head and neck.

Medium Pillow: The medium pillow is perfect if you sleep on your back because it provides natural and comfortable support for the neck.

Firm Pillow: a good pillow for those who sleep on the side, the firm pillow helps keep your neck, head and shoulders aligned.

Pillow Size:

The pillows are available in standard, large, very large and body size. It is not necessary to arrange the size of your pillow to that of your bed. Choose the pillow you find most comfortable.

It is a good idea to refresh your pillow once a week by tumbling them dry for about 15 minutes. If you suffer from allergies, opt for the hypoallergenic pillows and avoid feather and down pillows. When it comes time to replace your pillows, consider your sleep patterns to determine the level of support and type of pillow that suits you best.



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