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Five Things to Consider While Traveling | Growler Backpack

I frequently travel but sometimes it becomes a pain for me. Traveling for work is now my regular routine from the last 3 years but it doesn’t mean that I am a seasoned traveler. However, I have experienced some uncomfortable traveling conditions. This has offered me helpful tips and tricks to make the journey comfortable for next.

Today, I am going to share some travel tips with readers. These tips are based on my personal experience and always helped me to finish travel in a good way. No doubt, these tips may or may not be suitable for some travelers but it would be my luck if you find these tips helpful and inspiring.


Pack Smart And Light:

First of all, carrying too much will drag you down at the airport. What if survived? Then you will not last long while walking around. I always prefer to check the facilities offered by hotels or people I work with. This helps me to drop numerous items at home before leaving. I usually keep the coldest water bottle, coldest tumbler, and other important items in my Growler Backpack. Carrying a single backpack offers different benefits. It offers comfort while traveling as well as reduces the stress about cabin space.

Buy a Growler Backpack:

Are you expected to return with some extra luggage? You will need to have another bag for it. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to keep a briefcase or a handbag in the backpack. This is why I always keep a foldable bag in my Growler Backpack. This is a special trick I learned from my colleagues who travel a lot. Remember, buying a new bag at the airport would be expensive because everything there tends to be overpriced. Whether you are alone or going with family, a foldable bag should be present in your backpack.


Create a Capsule Wardrobe:

Don’t be worried about this new term. It doesn’t mean that you will need a small cupboard in the bag. All you have to do is pack necessary clothes and wearable. Check the most suitable options according to the work requirement and season. It is a perfect traveling tip which really works. However, you will need to be selective about the clothes while packing. For me, it began with over-packing and end to under-packing.

Keep Food Stuffs and Drinks:

Buying these things from airports, railway stations, and bus stops could be expensive. The foodstuffs may be of poor quality. I usually take more care about the freshness of water while traveling. Fortunately, my Growler Backpack has space for water bottles. It has different pockets where I can keep different items. I always keep my coldest bottle 21 oz or 1 gallon while traveling for work.

Keep Things Organized:

It would be better to keep different items in a systematic way. For example, if you need water frequently then bottle should be placed in the outer pockets of the Growler Backpack. This is going to make your traveling easier and comfortable.



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