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This is likely due to the small white valve that is on too tightly on your flip top lid. Try to loosen the valve (but do not take it out). This can be attempted in multiple ways.

  1. 1. Shake bottle intensely or
  2. 2. Use a pin or metal nail to poke it gently to create airflow between air valve and lid. When it is too tight,  it prevents air or whistle.

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Water Bottle & ACCESSORIES

This is Designed in Naples, FL. Made in China

Yes! Our 21 oz will. The 32 oz and 64 oz sizes will not.

I only have the sports cap not the straw, the ice last a long time. Maybe not 36 hours but at least 24 hours. I really like this bottle. It’s heavier than a normal water bottle but it’s well worth the extra weight. Also the blue words on the bottle comes off just from holding it.

Check out the Coldest Water Bottle for Kids. It is a 12 ounce size.

No! They’re spectacular! I’ve used two of these bottles for almost every day for 15 months now. They are spectacular. If I make a fruit smoothie add some ice to mix up with it in my blender, the contents will still be chilled and ice cold 24 hours later. They’re pretty remarkable. And no metallic taste at all.


No, you cannot bend it for sure! Actually, I’m almost certain the inside is metal. It is my grandson’s and he has it home with it him or I would
be glad to double check for you, but almost 100% sure that it’s metal on the inside.

You don’t need ice. Just fill it with cold water and it will last for hours! Ice keeps it colder for a lot longer.

We do not recommend to use in a dishwasher. Considering how different some dishwashers are.

Absolutely. They will stay cold for sure. But take a look at website for how to clean the thermos properly

You can buy a lid that has a flip top built in straw.

No and it keeps water cold for hours.

Yes you can. But make sure don’t use straw for hot drinks!

Yes, it will stay cold all day.


This is the best ice pack ever that you can purchase! It is extremely durable and it stays colder much much longer then any other ice pack if have purchased. I wish instead of purchasing four other types that I had purchased four more of these.

The packing says don’t use for longer than 20 min. at a time – believe me it stays very cold for at least that long – and I wrap it in a towel when I use it. I’ve got a very bad back and I’ve tried at least 5 other types and this is by far the coldest one I’ve found. Seems to refreeze quickly also. Love it.

The smaller size does. The larger size does not. The smaller (6×14 in) has a great strap. It easily wraps around my waist and the Velcro holds well. I can actually walk around and do things with the ice pack on my lower back. It also stays very cold for a long time. I’ve owned several ice packs and this is my best investment thus far. The Cryomax is also good (stays cold a good while) but the strap is not as good and the quality isn’t there. It gets too stiff, as opposed to The Coldest, which is great for wrapping because it stays soft, even thought it’s freezing cold! Search Amazon for “The Coldest,” and you should be able to find the one with the strap.

There is no openings to insert gel packs.

It will freeze faster if unfolded because that doubles its surface area being exposed to the cold. These stay cool a very long time and give great relief.

Hi. It’s just the same size as when not frozen. Very thin, but works fantastic!!! I’ve purchased 3 of these. You’ll be very happy with it!

Yes! It has lifetime warranty.

Generally, doctors recommend against sleeping with an ice pack as it can cause damage to skin. For me, the ice packs weren’t lasting longer than the recommended 20 minutes. You would have to determine that for yourself.

Yes, however you shouldn’t leave ice on any single area for more than 20 min at a time. Also, the ice pack will thaw after around 45 min. It is comfortable enough to sleep with it on in my opinion.

I would think if you contact The Coldest Water Store they would be happy to help you.

There is no number that I know of. I emailed the customer service on their website. 

This is Designed in Naples, FL. Made in China

The gel packs do come out so you can just freeze them.

You are not supposed to ice any part of the body for longer than 20 minutes at a time or your skin will start dying. I use mine in the recommended 20 minute increments and it stays a below freezing temperature the entire time. I would imagine it could probably stay completely cold for another 20 minutes after that, but never use a cold/ice pack for that long in the first place.

After being in the freezer for 3 hours it stays cold on my lower back a good 30 minutes. I then can get another 15 minutes of therapeutically sufficient cold on my trap’s if needed, in all in sitting. I use it twice daily. I no longer can use NSAIDS, but don’t need them with this pack. The best I’ve ever used. The gel stays evenly distributed, that is to say doesn’t bunch up in one area and it’s by far the coldest, best made pack in the market.

This is a gel pack.

Yes lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. They have a support site. You need to register it when you get it. [email protected] for questions. the coldest for warranty.

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