I want to bring The Coldest Water internationally? Where do I start?

For international distribution, please get in touch with us at

We may offer exclusivity depending on first to market and order size.

I want to order more than the quantity allowed, how do I do that?

Currently allowed is our limits in our warehouse for distribution to retailers and distributors. If you want to order a larger quanity, there is typically a 3-4 month wait time. Email us at to place a larger order.

How soon does my wholesale order arrive?

Your order will usually ship same business day if placed before 1pm Eastern. Delivery depends on where you are at in the USA. Shipping is typically via UPS.

International orders vary due to freight and LTL.

Where can I not sell?

Online marketplaces including:

Amazon USA

Amazon Canada

Amazon Mexico




To sell internationally, you must be approved on a country by country basis due to exclusivity relationships we have with partners.

Can I get a bigger discount?

Discounts are tier based on how much you order. To get exact pricing just insert the quantity you want to order. For international, we have the same tiers, but it will need to be manual order.

I am an influencer and want to sell the coldest

This is for retailers and distributors only. For influencers please see

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