For the construction workers, hot and humid working situations are not a challenging thing. Broadly speaking, it is just a fact of their life. Agricultural, utility and construction workers usually work hard outside without having any cover above. These situations demand to stay hydrated and cool. Does it sound possible? In the first instance, it sounds ridiculous but there are solutions available for the construction workers.

Facts and Figures:

Before we move to the solutions, it is necessary to see some important facts and figures from the industrial estimates. More than 10 million workers are on the edge of the health hazard because of the unavailability of potential safety measures. Heat stress becomes the biggest challenge for the workers in this case. For them, it is essential to have quick access to cold and clean water.

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Why Construction Worker Needs Quick Access?

Without the supply of clean and cold water in the hot conditions, workers may face dehydration. It is a major cause of heat illness. On the other hand, workers who always have immediate access to clean and cold water enjoy a cool and comfortable working condition. This turns them into a healthier and productive workforce. Recently introduced, Coldest Water Bottle 1 gallon is the perfect choice to fulfill this purpose accurately.

How Body Handles The Heat?

There is a natural system of internal temperature maintenance. Our body maintains the internal temperature even in the varying hot conditions. In order to get rid of heat illness, the body regulates the blood circulation rate through the skin which results in sweating. This cools down the body’s internal temperature as well as eliminates the excessive salts. However, the human body requires quick replacement of the water discharged in the form of sweat. Construction workers who have Coldest Water Bottle 1 gallon can easily have hydration.

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Why using Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon?

There are so many reasons to use 1-gallon Coldest Water Bottle. First of all, it is a product designed by The Coldest Water. It is a famous manufacturer having a professional record with a positive rating in the industry. The best water bottle has been designed according to the principles of modern engineering. It has following features making it ideal for construction workers.

  • Stainless steel body walls keep water clean and fresh.
  • Insulated walls of the bottle provide longer storage of ice.
  • Anti-Sweat Technology keeps exterior of bottle dry.
  • The coldest water bottle keeps the water as fresh and cold for 36 hours.
  • Tight top lid with straw for easy drinking.

Construction Workers to Keep the Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon:

Construction workers who know about the challenging working environment should get this amazing bottle right now. In most of the cases, placing water coolers at working sites becomes difficult for the organizers. What are you going to do? If it is the situation then you must arrange your own water storage. Keeping the Coldest Water Bottle 1 Gallon would the best option to spend a big hot day. One gallon water is enough for a long warm working day. However, if you drink more than 1 gallon then you can refill the water bottle and place ice cubes for coldness.