The Best 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle for Volleyball Players

Volleyball is a sport played by 2 teams with 6 players on both sides having a net demarcation on the court to separate the sides. The ultimate goal to ground a ball on the side of the opponent for points to win. Volleyball is popular and is a form of sports and recreation from different setups with some being at the beach. There is a lot of jumping or oscillation that involved with these sports. During the game, you need a lot of water to drink. It will help you to compete in games. This is true for all your team members against the other team.

With a high level of body movements, the body is going to lose lots of water through sweat and as such, this means you end up dehydrated and need more water in the body to keep your body lubricated for the games and/or practices. You have had the chance to use bottled water but the disadvantage with the bottled water could have been the water is either too heated or the experience leaves you wishing to have better options. What if we told you that there is a solution if you are looking for and it’s readily waiting for you? That solution to reduce your dehydration is with the Coldest Water bottle.

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How you will reduce the Dehydration with Coldest Water Bottle:

The Coldest water bottle has a superior double stainless steel wall with powder coating and vacuum space to allow your water remain cold for 36+ hours. This water bottle also boasts of being the only 1 gallon water bottle that has the straw to allow you to drink your water without having to tip it over your head. With these features, you will carry colder water when you are out for your volleyball games activities because of the coldest water bottle ability to maintain your water cold for a long time.

It has a multi cap’s ability to allow you to add ice to your water as well in order to give it a longer coldness. You have the chance to carry up to 1 gallon of drinking water that shall ensure that you are not running short of water when you need to take water to keep your body hydrated. You will be able to play and train for more competitive games and ensure that your team is lucky to have you if you chose to make The Coldest water bottle your chosen water bottle for your volleyball activities.

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Dehydration while playing an intensively active game like Volleyball only means you are not going to be performing at the optimal capacity which you could have. The advantages that water brings to the table is a chance to be able to play with a body that has the right levels of support to accommodate all the intensive jumping and hitting the ball in training and competitive games. If you have been looking for that right water bottle that helps your best drinking experience then the coldest water bottle is what you need.