Utilization of Water in the Human Body and Importance of the Coldest Water Bottle:

Water in the human body plays a vital role to stay healthy. Everyone knows it is important for hydration. However, it is important to see the role of water in the human body composition. This topic will lead you towards the body biochemistry, composition, vital organs and the importance of keeping the Coldest Water Bottle with you.

A person living in the temperate climate must drink 1.5 liters (at least) on daily basis. This is the minimum level which keeps our body away from the dehydration. It means that drinking 1.5 liters in cool climate helps to maintain the water level of the body. Water present in the foods and drinks is a vital constituent as directly goes to the cells after a precise processing route. Water goes to our small intestine after the digestion and it is absorbed here in the primary section which is called Duodenum & Jejunum. Remaining water goes to the colon.

Water goes to the bloodstream through the mucous membrane of the intestine. From the bloodstream, it becomes a part of each and every tissue or cell in the body. Blood which contains more water in its own composition is responsible for the supply of vital nutrients to different body parts. The waste products are finally removed from the body through urine.

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Water for Cell Life:

It a known fact that water is imperative for the cell life. Water makes the cell active and properly functioning. It is also the main source of nutrient supply to cells.

Metabolic and Chemical Reactions:

Water in the human body activates the Hydrolysis Reactions. Water becomes the major constituent of body biochemistry with the help of these reactions. However, it doesn’t stop here. It participates in the breakdown of foods including the carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. This is the best example of water involvement in the body functions.

Removal Waste:

Water in the human body helps to remove the excess salts and waste from the body. See the sweat on the skin. This contains excessive salts in small water droplets. On the other hand, urine is another product which contains waste materials.

Transport of Nutrients:

No doubt, our bloodstream is known to transport the nutrients in the body but it will never function without water. Water is a dominant agent in our bloodstream. It helps to supply the nutrients to tissue and cell level.

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Temperature Regulation:

Water is a rich heat absorber. It has excellent tendency to absorb heat in harsh conditions. This is why we humans can survive in the hot climate. However, it is necessary to replace the water lost during the process of temperature regulation. This can be done using The Coldest Water Bottles are available here. Drink more and more from this bottle in order to supply water to your body. This will maintain the water level as well as the temperature of a body.

Water in the human body considered as the main ingredient. This is a reason a human can’t survive long without water. According to the expert’s opinions, 1.5 liters of water is necessary to drink for a human on daily basis. The Coldest Bottle enables the users to carry fresh and cold water wherever they are and wherever they go.