Do you wake up in the morning with blow-eyed, groggy and unscrambling and stiffness in your neck? About 75% of Americans suffer from one or more sleep disorders for at least a few nights during a week, says James Maas, Ph.D., Sleep Expert, Psychologist and Author of Power Sleep. You may think you do not have a good night’s sleep because you do not have a good mattress (which is important and true), but the perfect pillow for your head rest at night is equally important.

The adult human head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds, depending on the person and how much body fat they have. If you do not find the right pillow to support your weight for all the right places, including the throat throughout the night, you will probably suffer from sleep disturbances. It is important that you find the best pillow that holds your head in line with your back and backbone to prevent potential neck pain and other health problems. In addition, your pillow should not lose its fluffiness or deflate quickly.

But like most things available in abundant there is a wide range of pillow options on the market. The choice of best pillow is also a very personal matter. Most of us are to a certain extent picky when it comes in choosing the perfect pillow. So, how you select the right pillow for better sleep? Sleeping experts say there are several factors to keep in mind because you not only find a comfortable pillow, but also the best pillow that suits your sleeping style. Here are some important considerations to consider when shopping for the perfect pillow.

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Sleeping Style:

The way you put yourself in bed when you lay down determines what kind of pillow is perfect for you. If anybody sleeps on the back, a medium to the solid pillow is not too high and it is right for you. Look for one that forms in your neck and provides strong support. You can use Wedge pillows also.

If you sleep on your stomach, a very thin pillow (or none at all) is perfect for you. Choose a soft that absorbs the weight of the head, eases the stress on the neck and reduces the tension on your back. This helps alleviate many potential health issues and helps you enjoy a good sleep at night.

If you sleep on your side, you need a perfect pillow that sits comfortably around your neck. Look for a pillow that provides the right support and keeps your head in line with your backbone.

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Your Size:

Pillows are sold in stores in a variety of sizes, ranging from small, medium, ordinary and large. The standard pillow size is 20 inches by 26 inches. If you are six feet tall, you will find the pillow of a five-feet-long person finds comfortably does not suit you. So, choose the right size pillow for you. Your pillow should keep your head and neck fit as if you were standing up.

Pregnant women must get the perfect pillow. This is especially true because most women experience back pain around the eighth and ninth month of pregnancy, says Thomas Holtgrave, NP, a nurse practitioner specializing in obstetrics and gynecology in Long Beach, California. Thomas recommends a full-body pregnancy shoulder shaped like a giant “C” or “U” for women in the middle to late pregnancy stages. He also recommends anticipated mothers to avoid sleeping on the back because pregnancy in a pregnant uterus prevents blood flow. Sleep on your left side instead of improving circulation.

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Perfect Pillow Material Matters:

Pillows are made of different materials, including polyurethane (memory foam), polyester fiber and organic products such as buckwheat hull. If you have allergies, avoid cushions that are made or filled with materials that you are allergic to, such as feather cushions. Feather pillows can aggravate allergies and cause you to weigh and cough at night, says Ronald Kotler, MD, Medical Director of Pennsylvania Hospital Sleep Disorders Center in Philadelphia, and the author of 365 ways to get a good night’s sleep.

Choose an allergy-friendly pillow made of synthetic material such as polyurethane or polyester fiber if you have asthma or allergies. Hypoallergenic pillows are those pillows that are less likely to cause allergic reactions. Buckwheat pads and some foam pads are hypoallergenic. Check the pillow label or the package to be sure.

Personal Preferences about Pillow:

I use two pillows in bed because I am fond of reading at night. I think two pillows are kept cool all night and give the best support when I read. However, I only use a pillow when it’s time to sleep. What about you? What are your personal preferences for a perfect pillow? Do you like a squishy, feather pillow for best comfort in bed? Perhaps you prefer a pillow with the same feeling as a woolen pillow, but with the firmness of a latex pillow?

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