Background infor: Let me first start off by saying I am a water bottle addict. Seriously have about 10 in my kitchen cabinet. They started off as Nalgene bottles and I soon discovered Hydroflask and the glory that is double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles. No joke I have 16, 21, 32, 40, and 64oz in a variety of brands. I am a bit of a snob.

Pros: This is a good water bottle. There are things I like over the big name brand. First off It has a rubber band, I work in the Texas heat and I get sweaty, I have dropped a few of my bottles and having a little extra grip is a good thing. One of mine has a bout 6 of those silicone bracelets on it, also helps with fall protection. I also like that this has a nice big loop for carrying, you can get a couple fingers in there and not worry about dropping it. Also like the rubber band on the lid. The big name company only offers that on the wide mouth option.

Cons. Being the water bottle snob I am I noticed that the lid is not insulated. The inside of this lid is missing a tiny circle of plastic and a plug of sytrofoam to make it insulated.The competition does this and this is not much cheaper. I would be willing to make this sacrifice for a straw or a flip coffee lid (I have those kinds of lids too) but not a screw top. I really do like the loop on the lid but if this causes your water to heat in the summer you may have to buy a replacement lid from a name brand company. I will not remove a star from this because in the hottest time of the summer I use a bigger bottle with an insulated lid and I also tend to overfill my other 21oz bottle and when I tighten the insulated lid it will cause the water to push up through the threads and leak. This should solve that.

Review by on January 8, 2016