When I purchased this, I didn’t realize that the company that made it actually makes water bottles too. After using this brush, I might have to try one of their water bottles. If the quality is anything like this brush is, I expect I won’t be disappointed.

I have a lot of water bottles and coffee “to go” cups around. Trying to get all the parts clean is always a challenge. When I saw that this brush had smaller brushes to clean the straws and drinking nozzles, I jumped at getting it. I haven’t seen anything like it before. It works perfectly! I know one of my coffee cups that I use when I commute gets a buildup of coffee in the nozzle sometimes. This fit perfectly through it to completely clean it out.

The small brush is great for getting around the smaller openings and edges.

The big brush…well that is great for cleaning out the cups as you can imagine. It is longer than most bottle brushes I’ve had – actually it is the longest one I’ve ever had – and can be used on any size cup.

This is one of those – why didn’t anyone think of it before – kitchen gadgets that I wish I had years ago.

The quality of this is also very good. It is not a cheap plastic. I’ve had bottle brushes where I split the handle applying a moderate amount of pressure when cleaning. Not this handle. It is also light weight which I always like.

Overall it is a great set of cleaning tools. I like that they all stay together so I’m not going to have to look for one piece at a time. They do come apart if you need them to. I haven’t found that I needed to do that because they are long enough that the other pieces don’t get in the way.

Review By Agent Squirrel On August 29, 2016

September 25, 2016 — Shopify API