To sink into the arms of Morpheus, nothing beats the Best Pillow. Some like it with shape memory, while others prefer the traditional feathered. Select the best pillow to sleep well for all tastes.

Good bedding is essential to sleep well and avoid the pain when you wake up. With the mattress, the best pillow is one of the essentials for your sleep. The pillows are distinguished by five main criteria: firmness, volume, lining, envelope, and shape.

The choice of firmness and volume of your pillow depends on the position in which you sleep. Indeed, to avoid neck pain, the skull and neck must be aligned during the sleeping position. If you sleep on your back, choose a rather firm and flat pillow so that your head does not bend forward. If you sleep on the side, preferably a medium model, thick (up to 15 cm) if you have broad shoulders, and thinner (about 9 cm) if your middle is narrower. People who sleep on their stomachs can turn to flat and soft pillows.

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The Best Pillow in the World:

Following our article on the best mattress in the world that was really appreciated by our readers, we have prepared an article on the best pillow in the world based on our research and especially from our personal experience. We let you find out which pillow comes out victorious according to us.


Our personal choice (and the general public)

Find the right balance between comfort and quality

And if the best pillow in the world was mainstream?

An exceptional pillow must be breathable

Finding a suitable pillow takes time

Our recommendation

Our personal choice (and the general public)

We have long been looking for the best pillow that is both comfortable, with good support and above all that does not keep too much heat because of anything worse than this feeling of warmth after a few minutes on a fresh pillow.

We have invested quite a lot in luxury pillows, in all price ranges (down, etc) and we have to say that for us, the best pillow in the world at the moment is the Coldest Pillow model.

It combines everything you need in the best pillow and will adapt to any sleeping position. We recommend it.

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Discover the Coldest Pillow:

Find the right balance between comfort and quality

From our own experience, we have really struggled to find a pillow that is both as comfortable as possible without having to spend hundreds of dollars on high-end models from a luxury designer or pillow brands.

Basically, we are not really a super fan of down pillows (whether goose or otherwise) especially because they are a bit too soft for our neck problems and we never really find a model that matched our expectations (even with pillows over 300 $ …).

Coldest Mattress – Another Great Discovery:

We quickly realized (as for mattresses) that the price was not everything. So yes we are not going to deny that the more we go upmarket more you type in luxury materials (mohair, biofabric etc) but that does not necessarily mean that these models will be the most suitable for your specific case side comfort, thermoregulation, and co.

When we went in search of the best pillow in the world, we looked at the new brands of Coldest Mattresses. We started from the observation that these young startups developed rather innovative bedding and that it would be interesting to test their range of pillow “mid-range” to see if they could suit us. The following in the next section!

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If the Best Pillow In The World Was Mainstream:

A title a little provocative but it’s a bit like our feeling after several months sleeping on the Coldest Pillow. Meanwhile, we continued our test of many pillows some of which were really very comfortable but we have never found this support and comfort at Coldest Pillow. That’s why we always recommend this model as the best pillow in the world in our humble opinion.

Be careful when talking about a pillow for the general public, this does not mean an entry-level pillow because we have tried so many (whether anatomical or ergonomic pillows) bought on Amazon for the most part and we have always been pretty disappointed. We are talking rather mid-range models that remain accessible for the majority of families.

An Exceptional Pillow Must Be Breathable:

This is a criterion that many people neglect but who has never felt the sensation of heat on his pillow that prevents you from falling asleep? It is also this type of small details that make a pillow medium quality or exceptional and can be considered as an exceptionally best pillow model anywhere in the world.

The down pillows are airy and we must admit that luxury models are really among the best we have tested thermo-regulation side. Indeed, we know very well but the pillows that composed of viscous foam or memory foam will clearly have more limited ventilation.

We had a pretty good experience with the Coldest Pillow. We feel this is the best pillow for all types of sleepers. Moreover, you can adjust the side of the pillow with extra filling.

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Finding a Suitable Pillow Takes Time:

Do not spend a lot of money to find the best pillow. You can buy the coldest pillow at a normal price! That’s why we wrote this article at the base, to save you some time and give you our opinion on this Coldest Pillow model. It is for us one of the best pillows in the world on the American market.

Also be aware that some pillows are not necessarily adapted to your sleeping position (we also wrote an article on the pillows to sleep on the side). In most cases, the brand or dealer indicates for which sleeping position (s) the pillow is valid. If it does not indicate it, it can be a bad pillow sign.

Our Recommendation:

As you read through this article, the hunt for the best pillow in the world was long enough but we nevertheless found some nice references during our test phase (which we also gave to our entourage).

We have personally opted for the Coldest Pillow which brings together a firm face and a soft face that my wife particularly loves (I also love this pillow). It is a marketing asset of choice because the pillow is potentially suitable for a larger number of customers because of its quality.

So if you’re looking for the best pillow in the world, we must say that the Coldest Pillow is clearly a good reference to test without having to spend a Jumbo budget. It is a pillow with a quality/price ratio that surpasses many other pillow models.

Of course this article, again, is quite subjective but based on many tests and is a reflection of our own experience and our opinion.