There are 10 rules to lead a healthy and fun life according to Experts. It is not only based on a diet but on attitudes to adopt daily. To lead a healthy and full of enjoyment, here are 10 tips Healthy Living to adopt today!

1- Drink Water Again And Again:

The human body is 70% water that’s why it needs fresh water every day. Water offers incalculable benefits to your health, as you have already heard here. The Experts recommend that you drink at least one glass of water in the morning, in which you can add a little lemon juice to help eliminate toxins. Then do not hesitate to drink another large glass of water before each meal. It is proven that with this you will eat less. Finish the day with a full glass of water before going to bed. To carry the drinking water, you must buy 1 Gallon Coldest Water.

2- Vegetable Proteins for Energy

Vegetable proteins are essential nutrients for good health. Once consumed, they are cut into blocks by our body, blocks essential for the proper functioning of our muscles, our blood, and our cells. Although for us proteins often rhyme with meat, fish, and eggs, they are also found in certain plants such as soy or quinoa etc. Proteins are essential for Healthy Living.

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3- Complex Carbohydrates Are Fun:

Carbohydrates are one of the most important energy from providers of the body, along with fats and proteins. Converted to glucose (sugar) by the body, it will bring energy to your brain and muscles. There are two types of carbohydrates: slow or complex carbohydrates and fast or simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates have a certain advantage for Healthy Living because they are digested more slowly and arrive less quickly in your blood, which lowers your sugar level. Result: no indented glucose levels. Do not hesitate to add brown rice, pasta, sweet potatoes, quinoa or fruit to your dishes!

4- Fibers, Best Friends of Your Intestines:

Good digestion is very important for losing weight. At best you digest, as soon as your nutrients are absorbed by your body. What you eat, therefore, determines how your stomach and intestines will behave. This is why we must focus on fiber for better digestion! Vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and whole grains will be your best allies for Healthy Living.

5- Fatty Acids Are a Must:

We often hear that you should not eat fatty foods if you want to lose weight or that the fat is bad for your health. However, it is not true, at least not for all fats. Fats are an important source of energy and essential for the proper functioning of your body. However, there are two types of fat: the good and the bad. Bad fats, often found from baked goods and prepared foods, are difficult to digest and stored directly by the body. They are bad for the heart and for the blood vessels, it is necessary to limit the consumption of such types of fats. By cons, good fats are to consume daily, reasonably, because they bring a lot of energy to your body. We reveal here their positive points.

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6- Minerals and Vitamins Are Our Friends for Life:

For a healthy and friendly diet, nothing is better than minerals, they are essential for many functions of the body. In addition to providing energy, they will give you better memory but also a radiant appearance, shiny hair, strong nails and beautiful skin and overall healthy life. They also protect you against diseases and infections but also help you heal faster! For example, get plenty of energy with detox juices!

7- Goodbye Filthy Foods:

In other words, discard anything that is not good for you. Remove junk food, refined sugars, and processed foods if you want to be healthy and lose weight. Take healthy snacks to nibble!

8- Sweat and Move to Exercise:

Half an hour of sport several times a week is enough to stay in shape. Alternately, you can with a walk, an hour of pool or any activity that makes you move. But the most important thing is to do what you love! If you force yourself, you will not succeed and will fall quickly. Did you know that when you walk, you are spending more calories than you think? Regular exercise is important for Healthy Living.

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9- Sleep is More Important Than We Think:

Going to bed early should not be considered a punishment, the next day you will be rewarded! In addition to being fit, you will have better digested, and lost more weight. We keep repeating, sleep is restorative, that’s why you have to sleep enough. There are several tips for a good night’s sleep.

10- Forget Diet Eat properly and Drink More Water!

To be healthy, you do not have to follow a diet. If you are overweight, learn to eat properly and adopt a healthy lifestyle, without depriving you. You will see that your pounds will fly faster than you thought! There is no point in making yourself unhappy with a diet that does not motivate you, be happy when you eat properly and Drink More Water! Because nothing beats a healthy mind in a healthy body!

All these tips are presented for the readers and users of the Coldest Water products. You can visit the site, where you’ll find even more tips for a healthy lifestyle every day!