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Drink Water to Keep Body Healthy

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Why Does Our Body Need Water | 1 Gallon Coldest Water Bottle

Our body needs water to function properly. Water accounts for 60% to 70% of our body weight. After oxygen, water is the most essential element that keeps us alive. Without water intake, we can only survive a few days.

It is recommended to drink from 1.5 liters to 2 liters throughout the day. “Thirst is also a mechanism by which the body” warns “that it is dehydrated and that’s why it is not good to wait until you are thirsty to drink”

It is also not recommended to drink during meals. Indeed, water dilutes the gastric juices that can’t do their job properly. The best is to drink water half an hour before having a meal and wait 2 hours after eating to satisfy your thirst.


7 Main Functions of the Water in the Human Body

1- It Keeps The Body Temperature Around 37 ° C.

The so-called sweat glands at the level of the skin draw water from the surrounding capillaries in the form of very dilute urine which is then removed by the skin pores in the form of sweat; when it’s hot, sweat, which produces cold by evaporating, helps regulate body temperature.

2- It Ensures The Lymphatic Fluid And Total Level Of Blood In Human Body:

The blood contains 95% of water. It transfers nutrients to the body cells and gets rid of waste. If you are in a state of dehydration, the body mechanism that is responsible to regulate the blood circulation will not work accurately that can increase the blood pressure.

3- Water Lubricates Joints And Eyes:

In fact, the cartilage contains a lot of water, which keeps the joints lubricated, and prevents friction between the bones, thus ensuring milder movements, which will not cause the typical damage associated with arthritis.

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4- It Cleans Human Body and Eradicates Toxin and Waste:

The kidneys have 80% water. Their function is to eliminate the waste that the body produces; this waste is dissolved in water. When the body runs out of the water, the waste is not removed effectively, this may damage the kidneys.

5- It Moisturizes The Skin:

Every time we discharge water from the skin through perspiration. If you don’t replace and drink enough water to compensate your body discharge, the skin turns into dehydrated. Several moisturizing creams are available in the market that can heal the dry skin. However, the simplest remedy is to hydrate the body from the inside with water.

6- It Allows The Brain To Work Well:

The cell tissues of your brain are 85% water.

Often when we deprive the brain of water, the brain sends us an alarm signal that manifests itself in headaches. Often, our first instinct is to take an analgesic while drinking a glass or two of water could solve the problem.

7-It Helps To Help In Digestion And The Intestinal Transit:

Our body needs several liters of water to digest food. When our body does not get enough water, we can suffer from constipation. This fluid intake does not come only from the water we drink, but also from the fact that we consume foods that contain a lot of water such as fruits and vegetables. It should be noted that a glass of water taken in the morning when waking up would promote intestinal transit.

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Drink Water Regularly:

What is important to understand is that we are dependent on water. Indeed, our body can’t store it! We permanently eliminate it by urine, perspiration and even by our simple breathing. The nutrients experts suggest that every person should carry the coldest water bottle for the water intake regularly.

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Ideally, you should drink before you feel thirsty because if you feel thirsty, it is because your body is on alert. It is, therefore, necessary to drink water regularly, before certain organs are in a situation of dehydration. In fact, according to a Harvard University School of Public Health study, people drinking less than 6 glasses of water a day are likely to develop bladder cancer twice compare to others. Lack of water causes several other harms. It is essential to carry the coldest water bottle to stay hydrated.



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