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Do Not Drink Water On Top 8 Times

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Do Not Drink Water On Top 8 Times

The water is very important for life on earth. The proof, if we do not drink water we die dehydrated. But be careful though because the water can still be dangerous. For example, during a tsunami or simply when the rains cause a rise in floods and that gives an excuse to reporters to report on the victims of the disaster who travel by boat to do their shopping.

1- During a Meal:

When you eat, it is sometimes pleasant to hydrate. To reassure yourself, morally it’s quite acceptable, but physically it’s not advisable. As much as you can drink water a little before your meal to reduce your hunger, as much drinking, while you eat, may slightly alter your digestion. It’s not going to kill you, it’s just going to blow you up and you’ll make a stir in your belly every time you move. This is because when you drink water, you fart a little your salivation process and your digestion.


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2- Just Before Going To Bed:

Good in truth it depends a little, some say it’s good, others say it will make you reincarnate waffle. The real thing to know is that to drink water before bedtime is likely to make you want to get up in the middle of the night because of the overflowing bladder. So you will spend a less relaxing night. Especially since our kidneys are a little slow during the night so no need to spin them off more. The best is especially to drink one or two glasses of water in the morning before waking up before taking your breakfast to eliminate all the toxins.

3- During Sports Session:

Hydration, when you play sports, is very advisable. But it’s better to drink water after and especially not during. To tell the truth, an excess of the fleet while you activate the ball can even have negative effects. During intense exercise, the temperature of your body gives you a feeling of warmth, and drinking a lot of water while you are in this physiological state can cause electrolyte depletion. It looks ugly said like that but it’s not the end of the world either, it can just give headaches or nausea.

4- When your Piss Is Already Completely Transparent:

You’ve already been told about different types of urine and what it means to your health, it was an exciting top that I invite you to rediscover here. And so to return to our sheep, so you must know that transparent urine is not good news, it means that you drink water too much. We, therefore, prefer a slightly yellow urine type.


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5- To Calm Your Mouth on Fire after Ingesting a Pepper:

This is the mistake we all made after swallowing a tablespoon of wasabi, munched in pepper or simply swallowed a whole bottle of soda. If you drink water, it will accentuate the burning sensation. This sensation is due to a chemical component, capsaicin which dissolves in non-polarized molecules like milk. Drinking water, on the other hand, will be like pouring oil on the fire.

6- Do not drink Too Much At Once:

Drinking a little is good. Drink water a lot is not good. It is always advisable to drink according to our thirst and therefore sip all day long rather than drink two liters in one minute to impress a person you would try to seduce.


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7- Do not Drink Seawater:

In case one doubts (and obviously some doubts), the seawater is salty, and the salt is thirsty. So even if you’re thirsty in the middle of the ocean on a makeshift buoy, never swallow a sip of the fleet because you’ll be thirsty right after that. And for good reason, the seawater contains between 30 and 40 grams of salt per kilo of the fleet and if we drink this water, our cells then undergo an osmosis effect which kills the dehydrated cells and accelerates, therefore, the thirst.

8- When It’s Water Coming From A Swamp Where You Know Your Cat Drowned Last Week:

Good after that depends on the swamp and especially it depends on the breed of cat that rots in it. But it would seem, however, that even if you are seized with an unquenchable thirst, you are more likely to drink water from a tap.


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Final Words:

Always use and carry the Coldest Water Bottles to drink quality water at regular intervals.

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