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Best Bottle For Boating

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The Best Water Bottle For Boating

It is Saturday morning and it is time to ride! You wake up and grab the best water bottle for boating and start hydrating your brain cells so that your boat driving skills are on point. All summer long you have been waiting for the perfect morning to wake board, and today is the day! The sun still isn’t even up and you are ready to head to the docks. When you arrive there is still nobody on the lake. It looks like glass, laying still in the landscape. Your friend calls to help unload the car, when you start to help unload you double check how much water you decided to bring, and make sure you have the best water bottle for boating. But why?

Although dehydration is common during excessive athletic behaviors, it is a common problem for boaters as well. Although you are surrounded by water, almost none of the time is that water drinkable. Lets start with the basics, the normal human being loses almost 2.5 quarts of water every single day by 3 things:

  1. Breathing: Have you ever stepped outside on a cold winters day and seen your breath. That is how much moisture we as humans loose during each breath we take. The only reason why we don’t see our breath all the time is because it may not be cold all the time. This causes a lot of people to underestimate how much water is lost in the breathing process.
  2. Sweat: Humans cool their body temperature by perspiration. Our sweat is mostly water but also contains all sorts of minerals including and not limited to sodium and potassium. As this mixture of water and minerals are released by our body, it evaporates and chills the skin and the blood underneath the skin. When the blood located underneath the cooled off area is circulated throughout the body, the temperature is lowered.
  3. Urine and fecal material. Including waste and other minerals, water is lost in this process.

The American Dietetic Association gives us this information:

Loss of body waterProgressive effects
2–5%Dry mouth, flushed skin, fatigue, headache, impaired physical performance
6%Increased body temperature, rate of breathing and pulse rate, dizziness, weakness

Alright! Now that we have some background knowledge on hydration and the boat is full of gear we are ready to go! Everyone grabs a rope and starts to release the 26ft Malibu ski boat from the dock. Everyone sits down anxiously making sure their best water bottle for boating is in hand and nothing is unsecured as the boat trims out over the glass water. This is my favorite part of the whole experience. The engine roars as the wake behind the boat displaces water ever so symmetrically. You stare at the sunrise reflecting over the water holding the best water bottle for boating preparing for your run, picturing the carves and feeling the water without even touching it.

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The captain doesn’t say a word. No has to. Everyone is in their own piece of mind, sharing the same paradise. Everyone has the best water bottle for boating as well, duh. We are athletes here, we don’t leave the home without one! We know that pushing water around all day with our legs is going to burn a lot of calories and use a lot of energy. Combine hard work and hot heat conditions and you have a perfect equation for dehydration and under performing. This is not an option for serious competitive dudes like ourselves. We love to wake board at our fullest capability. That requires our muscles at full functionality, our brains thinking as quick and effective as possible, and everything in our body in-between to be working as best as it can so we can clear that wake and shred the waves.

A two percent loss body fluids is enough to make me off my game. I am about a hundred and seventy five pounds which actually is only about fifty six ounces of water loss. When you really think about it, that is less than half of a one gallon jug of water! At two percent body water loss your body will already start to feel fatigue and stop you from performing at the best you possibly can. So how can you prevent even a 2 percent water loss when out we are out wake boarding on the lake all day in the heat. We are doing run after run, making sure we can get as much practice in before the tourists wake up and come out to our cove and end our day.

We suggest looking into getting the best water bottle sleeve for boating . Having the best water bottle for boating sleeve will help you keep your water bottle in close range and out of the water. Most people who get dehydrated in the United States have access to water, but choose to ignore the many signs of the body. Having your water close makes a mental choice for me to drink more water on a regular basis. If you want to perform you best on the water, get into drinking more water. Water is key. Water is life.

water bottle 4 32 oz

However, sometimes we like to use the best water bottle for many things! By carefully choosing two colors, we always choose blue and pink, we can have one of the coldest water bottles be the best bottle for booze on a boat! Always remember to drink responsibly and make sure no kids have access to alcohol, 21 and over only! This is when the party begins, for everyone except the designated driver, sorry bud. I love to bring some rum and coke out on the boat and really relax. I find that I perform the best dancing after just one drink. Research shows ladies like my moves more after one drink. So I prefer to drink out of the best water bottle for boating when I go out on the lake. We normally choose blue for the alcoholic drinks and pink for the non-alcoholic drinks so the bright colors and tell the driver not to get any ideas!




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