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Benefits of Applying Ice on your Face

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Our faces have different types and there are five basic types of skin which are oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, and combination skin (Both Oily and Dry). In addition to those types of skin, there is also scaly skin, red spots, and skin moles. This kind of facial skin has different needs to maintain its glorified smoothness and not be irritated by acne breakouts that are often experienced by many. Somehow, not all of us are familiar with what type of skin they have and to determine what kind of skin cares we should use on their type of facial skin.  

Here is the list that will help you determine what type of skin you have: 

Regular Skin – The skin is just the right amount of dry and greasy. It has a regular texture, no flaws, a clean, soft appearance, and doesn’t require maintenance. 

Sensitive Skin – It is delicate skin that frequently causes uncomfortable sensations like heat, tightness, redness, or itching. The protective function of the skin is lost in this type of skin, which makes it easier for germs and irritants to penetrate and raises the risk of infection and allergic reactions. Because of its fragility, it requires extra care to prevent dryness, roughness, and its typical appearance. 

Dry Skin – External variables like the temperature, low air humidity, and submersion in hot water are what create dry skin, and they are typically only temporary. Cracked skin is typically seen in people with extremely dry skin and manifests as microscopic cracks that, in more severe cases, may be larger and even bleed.  

Oily Skin – Oily Skin seems porous, damp, and brilliant. Sebaceous glands produce an excessive amount of fat as its cause, which is often influenced by hereditary and/or hormonal factors. It frequently affects teenagers and young adults under 30 and is typically linked to the development of acne.  

Combination Skin – Since the distribution of perspiration and sebaceous glands are not uniform, it exhibits features of both dry and oily skin depending on where it is. The T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) is often where there is higher oil production, but the skin on the cheeks is either normal or dry. 

After knowing what type of skin, you have, there is also facial icing that can help your skin age well. But first, let’s familiarize ourselves, with what is facial icing. Facial icing is exactly what it sounds like applying ice to your face. It’s not that complicated. Low temperatures encourage the blood to ascend under the skin’s surface, which offers several advantages. Therefore, what are its benefits of it? 

  1. It reduces the swelling, puffiness, and tenderness of your face which will help your face to be smooth and lightweight. 
  2. Reduces the appearance of under-eye bags, because it is really hard to conceal sometimes the under-eye bags, so why not use ice to reduce their appearance? 
  3. It brightens your complexion which can lessen the wrinkles on your face. 
  4. It doesn’t require a lot of money and effort to do because it only needs ice and cloth or the Coldest Water Ice Bag that may be big but can fit your face perfectly. 

The fact that facial icing is a good practice for your face can be an addition to your facial or skin care in the morning or at night that will give your skin the goal that you wanted. 


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