Team Members; Heather, Joe, Priscila, Dave, Madison

We may look like we are not working, but we are taking the ship out to battle the sun ourselves.
How high are you willing to jump (literally)? We will never surrender to the sun. 

Above: Founder Dave, Kevin, and Joe

Founder Dave, in his natural habitat, The Coldest Command Center (yes that exists). Dave never sleeps, peep the espresso.  

Head of Operations, Priscila hard at work doing engravings. She hates coffee, but the engravings fuel her enthusiasm. 

Priscila and Madison are the Coldest Duo. They even call themselves “Madilla”… they rarely leave their Operations Base.

There’s two types of people… don’t worry they are both brainstorming in their own habitats

A few pictures of Founder, Dave and his trip to our factory where all the magic happens! Word on the street is that it’s the coldest factory to exist.

david with machine
david 024
david 98

Above is from one of the many Coldest Initiative adventures. Painting streets is not only satisfying to watch, but satisfying to make a difference. 


Priscila and Madison researching ways to get colder!