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Are You Drinking Enough Water During Pregnancy?

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Are You Drinking Enough Water During Pregnancy?

Drinking enough water during pregnancy is a must. Pregnancy is one of the most vulnerable times for a woman. The woman body stretched beyond boundaries from supporting one being to supporting the expectant mothers and their unborn child. It is no secret that when we are pregnant we tend to feel thirsty at a faster rate and as much as some of us respect this feeling, some of us tend to ignore the same.

Why Drinking Enough Water during Pregnancy is important

And why is drinking water so important? Drinking enough water during pregnancy has several advantages for you and your unborn baby. We shall focus on looking at the two major reasons why you ought to be drinking water even when you don’t feel like it.

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Eases Taking out The Trash:

As the body takes in more nutrients, the body tries to clean the entire system as much as possible. Have you ever wondered how the unborn child’s wastes are taken out of your body? During pregnancy, the body system works for two. You breathe for two as well as excrete for two. Drinking more water aids in dissolving the wastes that are in your bodies in order for the kidney to take it out easily. Always keep the 1 gallon coldest water bottle to drink healthy and cold water

Having concentrated urine contents could expose you to UTIs’ (Urinary Tract Infections) or Kidney problems. This also arises due to the fact that the wastes in your body shoot up during pregnancy hence providing a breeding ground for infection-causing pathogens. Drinking enough water during pregnancy helps dilute the urine and lets your body trash out less infectious urine.

Constipation is common amongst pregnant women and it gets quite uncomfortable to try and take out the poop but all in vain. The wastes could be so solid that it’s as well as impossible for the gastrointestinal tract to digest nutrients that are the need for the body. When we drink enough water we poop out easier while digestion occurs in the body.

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Delivering Nutrients to Your Growing Little One:

As an expectant mother, being connected to your unborn baby through the umbilical cord is amazing. During pregnancy, we try to share as many nutrients as we can with our unborn. The babies need as many nutrients rich foods hence the need for us to have a balanced diet during pregnancy. Having a balanced diet with a little intake of water means the baby gets little or less of these nutrients and hence affecting their normal growth. Drinking enough water allows us to have healthy babies as water eases the absorption of all nutrients that is the need of our bodies and are then transported to the baby through the blood-rich nutrients over the umbilical cord.

The Bottom-Line In Drinking Enough Water during Pregnancy:

Eating well, while drinking enough water from 1 gallon coldest water bottle during pregnancy is important for your baby. It will also help to receive the nutrients that it requires for proper growth as well as keeping your body at the optimal state of performance.



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