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5 Reasons to Avoid Plastic Bottled Water

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Ditch the plastic bottled water completely from your life. Broadly speaking, it sounds very difficult to remove plastic from our daily life. However, it is possible to reduce buying plastic bottles. Bring gradual changes in your routines especially shopping. For example, stop buying bottled water from stores. Instead, you can buy a reusable bottle which comes will refilling option. Users who are more curious should also get a water filtration system for home or office. Now you have reusable bottle and a water filtration system so there will be the use of bottled water. Most people ask why ditching plastic bottles is important if these are convenient and maintains the water taste. We have 5 easy answers to them. These are 5 reasons to convince the bottled water buyers to use reusable bottles instead.

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Are You Drinking Tap Water?

It sounds funny but it is true. People who buy bottled water believe that they are drinking water coming from fresh springs in the mountains. This is a fiction and it is totally wrong. Bottled water companies advertise their products in such a way just to attract users. In reality, the bottled water products are filled from simple tap water. This is a big reality which is hard to admit. However, you have to admit it because surveys reported that more than 44 % of the bottled water in the USA was filled from tap water. What about the remaining 56 %? This is more interesting as the remaining 56 % of the bottled water products were prepared using underground water springs rather than mountain springs (but they show mountain springs in advertisements and on labels).

Why doesn’t it taste better? Yes, this is the main question. According to psychologists, the bottled water taste better because companies have made our mindset to accept it as a better taste. We expect to have a better taste when we spend money on it. People also expect to have some health benefits when they drink from paid bottled water. In reality, we risk our health and waste money when we use bottled water.

It is Wasteful:

Many people already know this fact but it is a big fact. China, the USA, and other European countries are among the biggest consumers of bottled water.

Unfortunately, plastic bottles are producing massive waste. No doubt, these are 100 % recyclable but our latest technologies are unable to recycle all the plastic bottles. We can recycle only 23 % of plastic bottles which shows our incompetency in this matter.

Plastic Water Bottle Pollution

Pollution in Lakes and Oceans:

If covering, the trash will occupy 40 % of the surface of the ocean. Is this alarming? The more dangerous point is that this cover consists of 90 % plastic. Plastic is dangerous for the environment as well as animals. Bottles going to lakes and oceans are causing food web problems. Tiny organisms such as fishes feeding on this plastic are consumed by higher animals so the consumption of plastic continues in any way.

On the other hand, plastic bottles going to the oceans breakdown slowly. This gradual breakdown results in the spread of tiny plastic particles in the water. These tiny plastic particles damage the animals in various ways. The biggest concern is plastic feeding. Counting the birds and mammals being killed in the oceans due to plastic is surprising. More than 100,000 mammals and one million birds in the oceans are killed per year. It is only because of plastic.

Plastic Bottles are Wasting Water:

It is widely admitted that plastic bottles are increasing the waste worldwide but recent studies show that plastic bottle production also wastes water. The total water loss during the production or manufacturing of bottled water is three times higher than the actual quantity stored inside the bottle.

Energy consumption during bottle production is also higher. This is not the end. The manufacturers also require machines to shift the bottled water from the factory area to transport vehicles. Now the transporting vehicles will also consume fuel to bring bottled water from one area to another where these will be sold at stores. Bottled water shipped to other countries takes more time and money for the same purpose.

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Reusable Bottles Are Best:

After reading all the facts and figures, we can assume that reusable bottles are best for the users. These bottles are safe and reliable. These are durable too. Some people believe that buying reusable bottles is expensive because of the higher prices. Yes, it is true that the prices of reusable bottles are higher but it is suggested to focus on features. For example, the Coldest Bottles which is a product of The Coldest Water offers high-quality stainless steel body, double insulation, BPA free composition, easy handle, sweat-free, and leak proof structure. These entire features make the coldest water bottles an ideal choice for sportsmen, laymen, athletes, professionals, and travelers.

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